Customer Events and Training

As part of our ongoing commitment to help transform your digital marketing results, we offer a number of customer events and training days throughout the calendar year, as well as exclusive, monthly customer webinars

Improving Results Together

Once you start using our digital marketing suite the journey has only just begun. You’ll begin to map your progress against our Email Maturity Model framework, and your account manager will help you to identify the steps required to move along the maturity model to the next stage of marketing sophistication.

Customer Events

We run a number of events that are exclusive to our customers throughout the year. We aim to make these as interesting and as insightful as possible, so that everyone leaves having learnt something.

The subject and focus of these events differs from one event to the next, but they are just for you and you will receive priority invitations to these from us.

These customer events are an excellent chance to learn more about Pure360 and our plans for the future, about email marketing and what you can do to take your current strategies to the next level, and much more.

We often have members of the Pure360 team presenting at these events covering a wide range of topics, from new and exciting features that are forthcoming to insights that will allow you to improve your email marketing strategy. These events are also a chance to meet your account manager face-to-face and get to know them a bit more.

Customer Training Days

Much like our events, our Customer Training Days are a great opportunity to meet members of the team and to speak to other Pure360 customers about how you get the most out of our digital marketing suite.

These days generally begin with some presentations and announcements from us, before breaking out into workshops that are run by our account managers and Pure360 team members. We find that being able to share stories with other Pure360 customers allows everyone to share their knowledge of our platform, and to find out what strategies and approaches work best for everyone else.

Customer Webinars

We also offer a wide range of webinars on our site as well, which can be found in our Resources section.

As a customer you will also receive invitations to view exclusive, live webinars that are aimed at people like yourself, and highlight how to use different strategies and approaches within our digital marketing suite to maximise your digital marketing results even further.

Our customer webinars are usually presented by our account managers, so you know that you’ll be receiving actionable insights that you can look to implement straight away.

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