Create text defaults for fast and consistent styling

The Pure360 Drag & Drop Editor has been specifically designed with the marketer in mind. We know that marketers are time and resource poor, often juggling a hundred tasks at once, whilst trying to also create industry-leading, consistent and on-brand marketing emails.

Taking the above into account, we have designed the Drag & Drop Editor in such a way that you can spend just a few short minutes setting up your text defaults, and then reuse them forever in a snap. Saving you time in the long run.


One of the key reasons to spend a few minutes setting up your text defaults is speed. It may take you five minutes to set up your Header styles, Body text and Text link colours, but once they’re done, they’re done. From this point forth, you can use these text defaults for any text within your email in a second.

It’s a definite time-saver, with just a few minutes upfront setup. If you make a master template, and then copy this for every subsequent campaign, you will never have to worry about this again.

Visual consistency

Text defaults are a great way to ensure that your email is always on-brand and has the visual consistency that your customers expect.

Using the text defaults, you can not only ensure that your email is visually consistent with regards to brand colours, but it also allows you to display a clear visual hierarchy to the user.

By adjusting the size, weight and colours of each of the headings (so that the H1 is the largest and boldest, and the body is the bulk of the copy) you can present a clear hierarchy of content, ensuring that the recipients are drawn towards the parts of the message that are most important.

Visual consistency

Conveniently familiar

Setting up text defaults for reuse is not a new concept. If you have ever used Microsoft Word, Pages for Mac, Google Docs, Open Office or any other text editing suite, you will have encountered this feature.
We didn’t want to change a concept that isn’t broken, so the way you set up and apply your text defaults should be conveniently familiar.

Simply set your defaults using the styling option in the ‘Text style’ toolbox.

Conveniently familiar

Once the styles have been defined, simply highlight the text that you want to change and apply the relevant style. Simple.

Conveniently familiar

If necessary, override

There may be occasions where you will need to override specific blocks of text to look different to the defaults that you have set.
For example, you may have a dark coloured footer panel, with black text overlaid, which isn’t particularly readable.

In instances like this, you can override the default text values inline with new colours, weights and styles, giving you complete control over your how your email looks.

If you have applied an override colour, you can subsequently remove it by setting the override colour back to ‘Automatic’.


It is worth checking when testing your message that your overrides are displaying correctly in the most important email clients to you, as there can be a conflict in some instances.

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