The Pure360 Email Maturity Model

Discover where you sit on the email maturity scale. Learn the steps to advance your strategy and improve your results.

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How can the Email Maturity Model help you?

We're have created an easy-to-understand framework containing the steps needed to advance your maturity.


Pinpoint your maturity level and benchmark against the rest of the industry.


Spot opportunities

Identify the gaps in your current email marketing strategy.

Advance your maturity

Implement the steps needed to reach the next maturity level.


Goal setting

Set goals to measure your progress.

Grow your email marketing results

Improve results

As you advance your maturity, you'll see an improvement in your strategy, tactics and results.

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What the Email Maturity Model is and how it works
How to determine your email maturity level
How to take the steps to move to the next level of email maturity.

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