How Unity Media improved its email performance by over 20% year on year



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How Unity Media improved its email performance by over 20% year on year

Proving the value of email with impressive year on year growth

Unity Media have been a long standing user of PureCampaign, Pure360’s email marketing platform for over 10 years.

They have seen continued improvements with their open and click through rates and impressive year on year list growth.

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Unity Media is a market-leading publisher of B2B content including journals, magazines, books, events, exhibitions and websites.

Their content is read by senior decision makers within thousands of brands and agencies.


Sending weekly newsletters to keep readers informed with the latest news has always formed a core part of Unity Media’s business strategy.

The newsletters provides Unity Media’s clients with a direct route to engage their target market. To prove the value of their newsletter services, Unity Media needed to show clients detailed reports highlighting meaningful metrics. For example; open rate, click-through rate, click-to-open rate, bounce rate, and list growth rates.

Ten years ago, this was something Unity Media’s marketing team couldn’t do. A lack of technology left them unable to report on the metrics that mattered to clients. They were unable to prove the ROI of its campaigns. This made it difficult to keep clients happy.

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The Solution

Emma Grigg, Unity Media’s digital marketing and development manager, was tasked selecting a new email service provider.

After an initial trial run, it was clear that PureCampaign, could deliver everything her team needed.

As time’s gone by PureCampaign has evolved and Unity Media has evolved with it. Only a select few team members have access to the system, but the whole company benefits. Every team can send beautifully crafted emails for their clients and provide them with results backed up by real data.

PureCampaign allows the marketing team to see if and how campaign objectives are being met and identify areas for improvement. They can also place themselves against industry benchmarks to see how they are performing overall.

The Pure360 team are amazing and are always happy to help and just a phone call or email away.

Emma Grigg, Digital Marketing and Development Manager, Unity Media

Results snapshot

Each newsletter list has grown between 5-21% year on year

Click-to-open rates have increased from 7% to 14-20%, with a high of 36%

Traffic to the website has grown between 9-19% each year

The Results

Over the last three years results for Unity Media’s newsletters have soared:

  • Each newsletter list has grown between 5-21% year on year.
  • Click-to-open rates have increase from 7% to 14-20%, with a high of 36%
  • Traffic to the website has grown between 9-19% each year.

“Pure360 is so easy to use. It has a simple and intuitive interface yet robust underlying features which make it a powerful system. “

Emma Grigg, Unity Media

Pure360’s solution has powered impressive year on year growth for Unity Media. Being able to provide readers and clients alike with information they want, in the way they want it, has been the key to success.

Unity Media plans to continue using PureCampaign. The marketing team is excited to continue using data to learn and improve. Being able to monitor the right metrics ensures the best ROI for themselves and their clients.

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