Case study

Case Study:
Tetley Tea see list size increase of 17% after integrating PureCampaign

Tetley case study
Tetley Tea increases database size with Pure360

Using Pure360 and IV platform integration to reward customers and capture prospects

The Objective

Tetley Tea wanted to offer their customers a chance to get great discounts on their selection of teas with a “50p off” coupon delivered across all digital channels including Email, Facebook Twitter and Video on Demand, with the aim to both reward loyal existing customers and capture new potential customers. Tetley also wanted to use this as a case study to launch global voucher campaigns across new territories. The iV Platform and Pure360 solution was chosen as it offered the ability to create and track the coupon campaign centrally and broadcast it through all digital channels.

The Integration

The IV Platform solution was used to create the coupons, set up simple and effective voucher landing pages, capture customer data at the point of purchase and to deliver a coupon with security features that could be printed and taken in to any national grocery store to be redeemed. The integration with Pure360 allowed the landing pages to be pre-populated for existing customers. For social and video channels, new customers were asked to fill out a form which drove new customers into their list which then was automatically fed through into their Pure360 list from the iV Platform voucher landing pages.

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The Campaign

The campaigns were broadcast via Email using Pure360, through the Tetley social pages and as a call to action at the end of Tetley’s new online commercial. Customers and prospects details were captured via iV Platform and passed back into Tetley’s Pure360 list, and the vouchers were then sent out to be used in store, making this a very successful online to offline campaign. Tetley were able to view all of the results in real time using the dashboard in their iV Platform account.

The results

From the campaign Tetley saw an impressive 17.7% increase in their email list which has rapidly grown their potential return on investment via their email marketing…every month moving forward!

Additionally Tetley have achieved a redemption rate of 24% from coupons distributed by email and a redemption rate of 20% across the entire campaign (all digital channels), this is a fantastic result considering that the standard industry redemption rate is 3%. These results demonstrate the power of distributing coupons online through all digital channels and show that engaging customers with a coupon via email is a great way to drive behaviour.

“We’ve used Pure360 since 2005 and have come to rely on its speed and functionality for all our eCRM activity, with the addition of their new social media tools it makes perfect sense to roll out Pure360 across all our European territories.”


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