Case study: RSM Agency campaign for Mercedes-Benz campaign exceeds DMA deliverability benchmark by 26%


Diligent on deliverability

RSM really understand the value of email marketing and how sending too many campaigns will make the audience lose interest and disengage with the brand, getting just the right frequency is really important. By looking at the results from each campaign they send RSM can see a number of things; the quality of data, open rates, click through rates, bounce rates and unsubscribes. By looking at these factors as well as website conversions in Google Analytics, RSM can determine the optimum number of campaigns they should send each month on behalf of each of their clients, therefore helping to ensure good deliverability for campaigns.

The Mercedes-Benz campaign

At the end of November RSM sent a campaign on behalf of their client Mercedes-Benz. This motoring giant wanted to try and maintain sales before Christmas when traditionally they slump a little at this time of year. An email was sent to 60,000 recipients, RSM kept it simple with the message: 2 good to be true! 2 years free servicing Over 20,000 affordable Mercedes-Benz vehicles in group stock. Here today, gone tomorrow… That weekend sales across the country remained stable, in some dealerships they were even boosted as a direct result. The campaign also exceeded the DMA deliverability benchmark by a whopping 26%! RSM know this as PureCampaign enables them to measure every campaign against the DMA average to see how they compare. Pure360 also have a great relationship with ISPs enabling RSM to gain this fantastic result.

The Results

RSM are delighted with the results they receive from their email marketing campaigns, and, most importantly, so are their clients. Being a fully integrated marketing communications agency having an email marketing system which could easily be tailored to their business was paramount. Pure360 provides just that as well as support that is readily available as and when they need it. RSM know that measuring the success of their campaigns is essential and Pure360 allows them to do just that.


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