Case study

Case Study:
Rivervale improve email marketing results by 40% with the help of Pure360 consultancy services and technology


Significant increase in

Email open rates

Automated daily email campaigns introduced

Increased insights and analytics

Through custom reporting


Enjoying more insights, automations and email personalisation

Discover how Rivervale used Pure360’s email platform to increase open rates, gain more insights and automate their email campaigns.


Rivervale specialise in new vehicle leasing for cars, vans and minibuses. They are experts in used vehicle sales including part exchange and their Bosch car service centre can take care of any type of service. They are based in Portslade, Brighton, with 65 employees within their company.


Bud Johnston, Head of Marketing at Rivervale, is responsible for all marketing strategy, from website and communications, through to events and customer experience. Bud was tasked to find a new email service provider in order to improve deliverability (including sender reputation), together with being able to track the success of their email marketing campaigns.

They had switched ESP’s once already and although this had made some improvements in a few metrics, they still struggled to segment their data correctly. Showing ROI through data outside the platform such as Google Analytics or their own CRM was impossible at the time. Their open rates were between 18-20% consistently, however they were still unable to attribute website enquiries back to their email marketing activity.

I liken moving onto the Pure 360 platform to getting a new car. It was an upgrade in tech, efficiency and overall cool factor. Our email marketing journey has become so much clearer and we are improving the business all the time. Our Account Management has been key in keeping us on track with our vision and reassuring us when in doubt – we would recommend Pure360 without question.




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Since moving to Pure360’s PureCampaign platform they are able to monitor campaign success more effectively which helps guide future activity. With the help of Pure360’s customer success management they are also able to explore more sophisticated email marketing campaigns that include segmentation, personalisation and automation.

As an ambitious marketing team they were frustrated with their previous self service model with Mailchimp and were very attracted to having a strategic Customer Success Manager at Pure360. This now meant that Rivervale were able to deliver upon more complex campaigns. However for Rivervale, as with most smaller marketing teams, budget and resources were tight so it was essential that the new supplier was able to meet these budgetary needs. Pure360’s Service Level Agreement with Rivervale also meant that service expectations were decided and agreed from the beginning of the relationship.

An integration between Rivervale’s CRM system and the Pure360 email marketing platform was essential to ensure customer updates were actioned seamlessly across both systems which included introducing two different welcome series via PureCampaign. Their developers have also created bespoke templates that pull content directly from their website (HTML) that are delivered on a daily basis.

Through working closely with their Account Manager and their Customer Success Manager, they are now able to analyse their Google Analytics data and attribute website traffic and direct enquiries/responses to their email campaigns. Pure360’s click to open rate data has allowed the teams to understand the relevance and engagement of campaign content. This insight has enabled them to optimise the content within their email marketing campaigns more effectively.

Through all these changes, whilst working with Pure360, Rivervale are really pleased to see their open rates increase from approximately 18%-20% with their previous provider, to now averaging approximately 25%. This is a huge 40% improvement.

Rivervale are excited about further accelerating their results as their future plans with Pure360 include implementation of transactional journeys, redesign of all their email templates, additional segmented campaigns and the automation of some of their manual campaigns. We can’t wait to keep enabling their marketers to be the best they can be and are very excited about the future!

The results

Pure360’s PureCampaign solution has helped Rivervale:

  • increase email open rates from 18% to 25%
  • enjoy more detailed insights through reporting
  • automate daily email campaigns
  • have access to a dedicated account manager
  • optimise campaign performance

Pure360 have improved all areas of email marketing here at Rivervale. We’re really pleased with the platform itself and what it has been able to achieve for us. Having the Pure360 team there as an extension to our team for all things email has meant we’re constantly improving. For expertise and technology they are second to none.


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