Case study

Case Study:
How Ramsdens increased online revenue by 60% with email automation


Increase in online revenue

Average of 22%

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Better click-through rates

Ramsdens Financial Currency

Increasing revenue through effective email automation

Find out how Ramsdens Financial turned poor email results into a 60% increase in online revenue by switching to Pure360.


Ramsdens offer a variety of services such as currency exchange, prepaid travel cards, and international money transfers. It employs over 600 staff across 130 stores nationwide.

Ramsdens also operates an eCommerce business for new and pre-owned watches and jewellery.

eCommerce Marketing Manager, Jack Jahan, is responsible for optimising cross-channel marketing to drive revenue from its website.

Email plays a pivotal role in Ramsdens’ marketing strategy, with Jack solely responsible for the email strategy and performance.


Ramsdens’ previous email service provider was based in Canada. Relying on a support team on a different continent and time zone was frustrating and time consuming. Jack started to feel his needs were being neglected.

Email performance started to struggle due to poor deliverability. Open and click through rates plummeted as a result

The company was losing out on large amounts of potential revenue because it didn’t have anything in place to combat basket abandonment.

PureTargeting allows us to tailor emails in real time and engage with the lead whilst they’re ‘hot’. It needs very little maintenance and has shown huge results and ROI which has impressed our Board of Directors!



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Ramsdens Financial


Ramsden switched to Pure360’s eCommerce solution which combines email marketing with email retargeting, marketing automation and personalisation.

Ramsden benefitted from Pure360’s UK based support structure and strategic consultancy. Jack was provided with a dedicated Professional Services Advisor to take him through the onboarding process. Jack was also assigned a Customer Success Manager who works with him on an ongoing basis to discuss Ramsdens’ strategy and improve email performance.

The drag and drop editor allows Jack to create engaging and effective emails in a fraction of the time. He also has access to more advanced features such as the subject line selector, spam testing and Litmus testing which has helped improve deliverability.

Pure360’s eCommerce solution offered Jack everything he needed in order to track web behaviour in real time. He’s now able to send triggered emails that retarget people who abandon the website without completing a purchase.

The results

Since switching to Pure360, Ramsdens has seen fantastic results:

  • Sales have increased by 60%. 34% from cart recovery campaigns and 26% from browse recovery campaigns.
  • Open rates on other email campaigns have increased by 10% and click through rates by 15%
  • Cart abandonment recovery generates almost triple the revenue of organic website sales.

Jack found the onboarding process simple. His dedicated Onboarding Consultant, Watipa, set up the abandonment campaigns with him, so Jack could get started straight away.

After completing onboarding, Ramsdens saw an immediate revenue uplift of 18%. And after working closely on strategy with its Customer Success Manager, Liz, revenue uplift has risen to 60%

Jack now finds it much easier and saves a lot of time when creating email campaigns. This frees up his time to carry out more in depth analysis of campaigns so he can ensure Ramsdens email strategy is evolving to meet its customers’ needs and expectations.

Now that Jack has access to the subject line selector he is able to test multiple subject lines within a single campaign. Using this in conjunction with the other tools now available to him, such as spam testing and Litmus, has seen email open rates increase by 10% and click through rates by 15%.

Ramsdens currently sees over four times the value of their annual contract every month – so for every £1 they spend with Pure360, Ramsdens gets £48 back in revenue.

I very much trust the Pure360 team, what they promised they have delivered and then some. The PureTargeting and PureCampaign solutions combined have exceeded our expectations and delivered real ROI in a short space of time.


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