Case study

Case Study:
How Pure360 helps Fitness Superstore earn a 11X ROI from personalisation

Fitness Superstore

11X Return on

Investment through consolidation

The ability to identity and target

30% of website visitors

Improved support through their dedicated 

Customer Success Manager

Fitness Superstore

Delivering more value from personalisation with an all-in-one solution

Since switching to Pure360’s all-in-one personalisation solution, Fitness Superstore are saving time and money, and seeing better results.

Learn how Fitness Superstore are now seeing a 11X return on investment from personalisation.


Fitness Superstore is the largest specialist fitness equipment retailer in the UK. Its fast-growing eCommerce business is supported by 10 stores across the UK—its flagship store in Northampton is the largest fitness showroom in Europe.

Most sales come from home users, but they also sell directly to gyms. Its audience ranges from fitness fanatics to people looking to improve their health.

Digital Marketing Manager, Louise Simpson, heads up a five person marketing team. Louise’s role is to drive traffic to the website and enhance the user experience to increase conversions.


Fitness Superstore were using three different solutions to deliver personalisation. It had one solution for email marketing, one for website product recommendations, and a third for pop-ups and abandonment emails.

The marketing team were looking to reduce their spend by consolidating these three solutions into one. They needed a solution that covered all their existing personalisation requirements with the added benefit of a single point of contact for support.






Use Case

Website and Email Personalisation

Cart and Browse Abandonment Recovery

Email Marketing

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Fitness Superstore


Working with Pure360 has allowed them to bring all its needs under one roof, simplifying the management and helping the team focus on driving more value from personalisation.

Fitness Superstore have taken full advantage of Pure360’s eCommerce solution, which combines email and website personalisation with behavioural targeting.

Within the solution the team is able to deliver highly personalised website experiences based on browsing activity, purchase history, and interaction with email campaigns.

Pure360’s machine learning powered recommendation engine ensures that each customer is shown relevant products while they browse and within email campaigns. On top of this, Fitness Superstore wanted to ensure its product recommendations were driving the highest possible business value. Pure360 helped them undertake custom work that increased average order values by upselling premium products with higher margins.

Pure360’s testing capabilities were vital for Louise’s team. They use A/B testing to find the highest converting subject lines and products placed within the emails. They also use A/B testing on product pages to see which types of product recommendations have the highest conversion rate.

Before choosing Pure360, the marketing team were reliant on their previous vendors to make even the smallest changes to their personalisation programs. For example, changing the content in a cart abandonment email.

Now they have the complete freedom to make any changes they want, whenever they want. This allows them to react quickly to noticeable trends and strive for continual optimisation.

Pure360’s singular solution allowed Fitness Superstore to bring together multiple datasets to deliver intelligent personalisation. This included website browsing behaviour, personal preferences, purchase history, and email engagement.

The results

Since switching to Pure360, Fitness Superstore have seen significant cost saving by using one provider.

In just three months, Fitness Superstore was seeing a 11x return on investment based on the cost of the solution—i.e. for every pound they were spending with Pure360, they were seeing £11 back in revenue.

Having a single point of contact has simplified management and reduced complexity for Louise’s team. They are able to do more with less maintenance. Not only does this save time, they also deliver much more value due to a close partnership with their dedicated Pure360 Customer Success Manager.

A big advantage of using Pure360 is the ability to identity 30% of website visitors as existing contacts in its database, even when visitors are not logged in. This helped Fitness Superstore increase the reach of its browse and cart abandonment campaigns and deliver better products recommendations in marketing campaigns.

Its future plans are to further enhance the A/B testing on product pages to test which convert best and deliver the highest yield.

The effort on the Pure360 side was really good, helping achieve our custom requirements.


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