Case study

Case Study:
Walk the Walk achieve 86% email campaign CTR with PureCampaign

Walk the walk


Established in 1996, Walk the Walk not only raises vital funds for Breast Cancer but also encourages women to get fit and have fun in the process, all for a fabulous cause.

Pure360’s email marketing software, PureCampaign was recommended to Guy Aubertin, Commercial Director at Walk the Walk, in 2007 by Just Giving. Since then Guy hasn’t looked back as PureCampaign continues to deliver the results that the charity requires.


In order to keep raising funds for the fight against Breast Cancer, Walk the Walk need to update their supporters regularly with regards to forthcoming fundraising events. With this in mind the PureCampaign retarget non opens feature has proved particularly useful as they are able to re-send to any recipients who have failed to open the emails.

One of the key issues Walk the Walk used to face when using bulk emailing marketing software, was being classed as spam by many ISPs. Pure360’s relationship with ISPs and advice about getting emails into the inbox has completely removed that problem which ensures that the message is being delivered time and time again.

What’s more, the reporting tool,integrated with Google Analytics, is proving to be an invaluable method of gaining information regarding open rates and click throughs. Allowing the charity to follow patterns, analyse results, and improve on each successive campaign.

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Facebook is being increasingly used by Walk the Walk as a social media tool that helps to keep members engaged and also spread the word to potential fundraisers. Each email marketing campaign the charity sends out includes a Facebook call to action at the bottom: ‘Are you a fan? Come and join thousands of walkers on Facebook spreading the word!’

At present Walk the Walk’s Facebook page boasts 7,076 fans and with walkers updating the page on what is almost a daily basis, it’s no wonder the charity seeks to utilise this powerful communication tool whenever possible.

The results

Last time Walk the Walk sent an email they report a 68% open rate. Couple this with an 86% click through rate and it’s no wonder the charity are so chuffed with their email marketing software.  Onwards and upwards!

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