Case study

Case Study:
Vector Resourcing increase CTR by 50% and decrease opt outs by 50 with PureCampaign




Marketing Manager, Lara Monahan, introduced Pure360 email marketing software to Vector Resourcing Ltd at the start of 2011, as she had great success with the software in a previous role several years beforehand. The tracking and cost effectiveness of the system were key sellers for Lara when opting for Pure360 as her chosen email marketing software provider.

Vector Resourcing is dedicated to providing contract and permanent IT resourcing solutions across the UK and Europe. The business has several target audiences; IT contractors searching for work, IT contractors currently working for Vector and other clients.

Vector Resourcing use email marketing campaigns to keep in regular contact with various database subsectors. Lara explains: “We aim to provide subscribers with useful industry and company news to set Vector Resourcing apart as an expert voice within a cluttered recruitment marketplace.”

Expert Features

Having use of the features within the Expert package, Vector Resourcing makes use of as many as possible for maximum benefit! The ‘Download to Excel’ capability within Reports is particularly useful to them as it allows personalised reporting that can then be manipulated in a worksheet format.

The recruitment consultants use their data reports as spreadsheets to track follow ups and responses.


‘From’ name is also changed for each specific send, meaning that open rates are increased due to the campaign being ‘sent’ from a person that is trusted and known to that mailing list. One to One sending is used frequently as well, as a beneficial feature.

Lara comments: “From job placement congratulations, to introductory emails following initial client calls, to code of conduct reminders when placements are extended, this individual way of sending campaigns has brought a professional edge to our online business communications.”

Apart from Quarterly email marketing newsletter campaigns, all others sent come ‘from’ an individual that the recipient will know therefore building trust and ensuring maximum open rates. Vector Resourcing also only use in-house corporate photographs, giving the recipients a real feel for who they are and what they are like as a compan

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Vector Resourcing have an email marketing newsletter archive on their website which gets great hits, and they share the Quarterly newsletter with fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter respectively. “We find this really pushes the reach of the campaign just that little bit further,” says Lara.

She continues: “Our bespoke email marketing newsletter template incorporates our Twitter and Facebook logo links, therefore every campaign that goes out encourages engagement with these channels. We also always encourage LinkedIn links in all campaigns going out from individual recruitment consultants, as this is a fantastic way to increase their professional networks.”

The results

Having now used Pure360 for a whole year of Quarterly newsletters, Vector Resourcing have seen click through rates increase by 50% and opt-outs decrease by 50%!

On average, 56% of people that click through to their website following each send are new visitors, therefore encouraging engagement with the site’s online content. Lara expands:

“During the first two quarters, website visits doubled on day of send (compared to the day before), during the third quarter they tripled and during quarter four they quadrupled. These are fantastic results that show what can be achieved when you work with a reliable and forward thinking email marketing partner.”

“Pure360 makes email marketing easy. With a fantastic dashboard of features within the software, and a caring and helpful team on hand to answer queries, email marketing is made enjoyable as well as business crucial. As business grows and new initiatives take shape who knows what new campaigns will come to life!”

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