Case study: Shoe Zone email marketing campaigns see ROI of 1000%

Shoe Zone – achieving 1000% ROI from emails as sales grow 100% year on year

The Challenge

Shoe Zone needed to expand and develop a more in depth digital marketing strategy to increase revenues online and to help them achieve their business aims in an increasingly competitive online retail marketplace. Online sales in the UK in 2011 were £50.34 billion – 12.0% of UK retail trade. In 2008, online sales were equivalent to only 8.6% of retail sales.

Shoe Zone wanted to keep their basic digital marketing strategy (sending fortnightly newsletters with their latest news and offers) but new features were required that were also cost effective.

The company needed an in-depth social media strategy, maximising the impact by integrating email and social together – a system that was simpler and had a better user experience for existing and new customers.

Shoe Zone also wanted a service that would compliment their offline channels. Naomi Shefford, Shoe Zone’s Marketing & Property Director comments: “We firmly believe that online and instore channels complement each other and therefore anything that is offered online is also offered instore. This ensures that emails are marketing our whole business and not just the online aspect.”

The Solution

The tools/service Shoe Zone were using at the time were not adequate – a new service would need features such as intelligent time sending, subject line selectors and filtering tools in order to better segment campaigns.

Shoe Zone signed up to the Expert package in August 2011. This package includes group and advanced reporting, whereby data can be extracted on unopened emails, trends are identified, and the timings of emails can be reported on – all for multiple campaigns.

Intelligent time sending and advanced overlay reporting was also included, meaning Shoe Zone could find out where and in what order recipients interacted with the email.

Pure360 worked with Shoe Zone to develop and re-design their fortnightly email template as well as trained and advised the marketing team on the additional features included in the package, such as subject lines and layout.

Naomi explains: “Although we had some basic knowledge of marketing software, it was the first time we’d incorporated social media automatically so it was good to be able to talk through the new service and features with a Pure360 team member who offered sound advice and feedback.”

Shoe Zone also encourages all its followers on Twitter and fans on Facebook to sign up for emails by using Pure360’s Posting to social sites function. This means whenever they send an email it will automatically be posted to their social sites driving maximum engagement.

Naomi says: “Like many businesses, engaging our customers through social media has become more and more important to us over the last few years so it’s great that we can maximise the impact by integrating email and social together.”

The Results

Since working with Pure360 Shoe Zone has achieved an ROI of 1000% with sales increasing by 100% year on year. traffic is up by approximately 50% year on year – website traffic being generating directly from emails has increased by over 150% year on year and email traffic as a percentage of total traffic has increased by approximately 90% year on year.

Shoe Zone has seen an uplift in click through rates of 15% and an uplift of 2% in open rates (from August 2011 to August 2012).

Naomi explains: “Hard bounces have also fallen by 0.2% and with a database that is growing all the time this is a really impressive result.”

“Because of the rigorous validation checks that Pure360 do on the initial upload of new data we’re getting a lower fall out rate when we send emails to new subscribers. Our email marketing campaigns achieve an ROI of 1000% which is an absolutely fantastic result,” Naomi commented.

Plans for the future

After reviewing Pure360’s results, Shoe Zone is now looking to segment its campaigns even further and tailor campaigns in response to customers’ behaviour, as well as segment data based on gender and age.

To do this Shoe Zone plan to implement a better preference centre when a customer wants to unsubscribe with the aim of retaining them but tailoring how often they communicate with them. They are also considering the introduction of abandoned basket technology to drive its email marketing results even further.


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  • “Although we had some basic knowledge of marketing software, it was the first time we’d incorporated social media automatically so it was good to be able to talk through the new service and features with a Pure360 team member who offered sound advice and feedback.”

    Naomi Shefford, Marketing & Property Director, ShoeZone
Paul Edge
Paul Edge
At Pure360 I have gained a strong knowledge of email marketing best practices, including segmentation, deliverability, data cleansing and optimising performance including subject line testing, message content, setting up email nurturing programmes and sending targeted offers.
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