Case study

Case Study:
Rigby & Mac’s custom email design sees them shortlisted for online retailer award




Dan Rigby, co-owner of Rigby & Mac supplied Pure360 with a short brief stating that although Rigby & Mac are conscious about how their brand is represented, they are very open to ideas. They wished to follow best practice for email in terms of getting into people’s inboxes, and enticing them to open and click-through to their website. They also wanted a creative that would mirror their website design to a create consistent brand experience.

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Pure360 created a template for Rigby & Mac that is not only on-brand and conforms to best practice for email, but also utilises the ‘three eclectic stores’ angle by separating the product rows into spaces for each of the different stores unique products and individual styling. Each store is defined by different tags (representing the store’s real-life street address), a quirky strapline, summary text detailing what is unique about the store, with each row colour coded to match the tag. The products are laid out in the same fashion as they are on the website to instill a sense of familiarity for users between both their email and web presence. With links to their website from the image, name and ‘view item’ button on every product. The template features ‘Share to’ Facebook and Twitter functionality, the ability to ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ Rigby & Mac on Facebook ,Twitter and Pinterest, as well as the real-life address details for their three stores, each with a link through to the Rigby & Mac website displaying the location of the stores using Google Maps.

The results

Dan Rigby comments: “The email design and build was a consultative process with both parties working closely to find a balance between representing our brand and conveying our story whilst adhering to email marketing best practice. We were very happy with the results!” Dan adds: “We’ve just found out we’re a finalist for Best Online Gift Retailer at “The Greats, Gift Retailer Awards, we’d like to thank Pure360 for all your help in getting us there.”

“In the run-up to the vote we sent targeted messages to the constituents of undecided MPs, encouraging them to email or phone their MP asking them to vote in favour of  the bill.”

Robin Houston, - 10:10 Technical Director

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