Case study

Case Study:
NHS utilise PureCampaign’s email automation tool for successful ‘Information Service for Parents’ campaign




The NHS ‘Information Service for Parents’ requires a huge amount of emails and SMS to be tailored and sent out at regular intervals. Pure360 were chosen because of their automation capabilities and flexibility with meeting the complex requirements of the campaign.

With only 3 months before the service was launched by the Prime Minister, Pure360 account managers and developers worked to adapt the software to a bespoke specification.


Upon sign up parents received email or SMS welcome messages, dependant on their choice of channel. The sign up page allowed for dual sign up so they could receive messages to either or both their email account or their mobile. These welcome messages informed them of what to expect in the coming weeks from the service.

Additionally recipients could invite their partner or a friend to sign up to the service, keeping everyone involved in the loop with the same messages. They could also share advice via social channels from their emails.

The ‘Information Service for Parents’ also includes an online directory of videos about pregnancy. Many of the videos in the emails link directly to the videos.

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The results

Vitally important to the campaign is the automatic delivery of the right messages to the right people at the right time in the pregnancy cycle. This is done using both email and SMS date automations. Over 700 automations are now running with each automation relying on 6 rules and each of these rules using 3-4 list filters!

With the service successfully launching, the team aren’t stopping there, in the next few weeks Pure360 are introducing split content testing for a three month period across the campaign to better target content. The service has potential to expand in the future and is due to run as long as parents require it.

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