Case study

Case Study:
LA Fitness use preference centre and see 33% open rate on campaigns

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Well known personal fitness gods LA Fitness needed to combat the post New Year resolution gym enthusiasm drop off. The battle was on to get members to keep up their attendance and previous methods of phone calls and direct mail shots weren’t cutting it.

Time for something new. What they needed was to make the renewal process as easy and accessible as possible.

As one of only two fitness clubs in the UK to have taken their joining process online, LA Fitness are already ahead of the game when it comes to making the customer journey quick and simple.

Having seen the benefit of moving the registration process online, they realised that they might also be able to improve renewal rates through the website.


However, unlike signing up for membership, which is largely self-motivated, the success of online renewals required an effective traffic-driver.

They created an email marketing campaign, targeting people whose memberships were close to expiring.

With all the necessary contact information to run personalised campaigns to every recipient on their database, LA Fitness created a friendly, offer-based email, with a clear and simple message linking to the renewals page of their site.

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In recent months LA Fitness have taken their campaigns one step further and introduced a preference centre.  This is a great way of ensuring that they’re only emailing their subscribers with content they are interested in, in turn helping to boost click through rates and levels of engagement.

The results

Given the importance of membership renewals to the business, they wanted to make sure as many people would open and read the email as possible. However, as with contacting customers by telephone, that means catching the customer at the right time. To help them achieve this, LA Fitness added a new piece of functionality – Intelligent Time Sending – to their PureCampaign email marketing software.

Intelligent Time Sending analyses all the information on when each recipient had opened or read previous newsletters, or signed up to the website, calculating the optimum time and day to deliver each message.

Usually, their monthly email newsletters got an open rate of around 20%, and even though the nature of this campaign provided an added reason to open the mail, the resulting 33% open rate demonstrates a significant uplift.

As a result, Chris Morey, Direct Marketing Manager at LA Fitness, is talking to the company’s digital marketing agency about using Intelligent Time Sending on all future email newsletters, to make sure they also arrive at the time each customer is likely to read and engage with them.

“We spend a great deal of time optimising our email for open and click through rates. Using the Subject Line Selector and Intelligent Time Sending, we review previous campaigns and optimise our subject lines to ensure that we get through to the largest audience possible”.

Daniel Reed, - Head of Internet Marketing, Deep Blue Sports

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