Case study

Case Study:
Hackett use PureCampaign to increase email revenue 122% YoY




Hackett wanted to reach their extensive database, with a relevant message at the right time – the key formula to brilliant email marketing campaigns.


This iconic brand has stores throughout the UK, Europe and further a field, segmenting their database is vital. With segmented lists, store specific or gender/geographically tailored email marketing campaigns can be sent.

Hackett uses PureCampaign’s ‘List Building Interface’ which enables the building of lists by demographics such as geographical location and gender.

With a system in place to manage their lists, the issue of when to send campaigns was next on the agenda. Cue PureCampaign’s ‘Intelligent Time sending’. This nifty tool enables Hackett to analyse ‘when’ their recipients are opening emails, building a history of behavior, which is used to send emails at the optimum time for the recipient.

With a varied database Johnathan has more than one factor to consider ‘Catching our customers at a time that suits them is vital. We need to ensure we hit both home email addresses and work emails at the optimum time.’

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The results

Hackett appreciate that no matter how great the open rates and click throughs – ROI is a key factor to assessing the performance of their campaign, often impossible to do with other media. Hackett use ‘Post Click Tracking’ to estimate total sales and average order value (AOV) per campaign. AOV shows the exact amount a recipient spends online after opening their email. (This is done by setting up post click tracking on their online purchasing page).

So what if you’re not selling online, but want to know if recipients are being driven to your store?

Hackett haven’t missed a trick here, they not only track online purchasing, but have set up tracking on their store finder page, to gain an insight into the interest of recipients to visit their stores.
The results speak for themselves

Hackett’s Spring/Summer 09 collection campaign has been the most successful email launch in company history, with the Autumn/Winter 09 campaign also breaking previous records.

To date, their campaigns with Pure360 have increased email revenue by 122% year on year.

“The list builder allows the uploading and filtering of our data in a simple way. We expand our mailing list regularly through competitions and need to send tailored messages to these lists, so segmentation is key.”

Johnathan Lewis - Online Marketing Manager, Hackett

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