Case study

Case Study:
Frugi see CTR of up to 50% using PureCampaign




Frugi’s Marketing Director, Henri Copeland, did a lot of hunting around before deciding on Pure360 as the company’s ESP. Henri explains: “I found the prices of Pure360 and the customer service I received as an initial enquirer to be way better than anybody else’s.” Since making that decision Henri hasn’t looked back. Here’s a look at what Frugi get up to in their email marketing world. .


Frugi’s brand values are really important to them so it is essential that this comes across in any campaigns produced.

Henri explains: “We wanted to use our email campaigns as another way of engaging with our customers and getting across our brand messages. We get a fantastic response from people who receive them and even lots of jealous comments from other brands!” Frugi email campaigns are highly visual and the company get a genuine sense of fun across so customers look forward to receiving them.

What’s more Frugi understand that sometimes you have to give a little to receive something back and by teaming up with Divine Chocolate, another fab company with similar ethical values, they were able to encourage their mailing list to enter a competition where the winner will receive a hamper of Divine fairtrade chocolate.

The all important subject line for this campaign was: ‘Open this if you like chocolate!’ Unsurprisingly this campaign received a 27% open rate, that’s 4% above the DMA benchmark.

Integrating email and social media

Frugi have a strong presence on both Facebook and Twitter. Their Facebook page has over 2,344 ‘likes’ and on Twitter they have nearly 2,000 followers, both pages are updated at least once on a daily basis. All Frugi’s email marketing campaigns feature Facebook and Twitter buttons and Frugi try to ensure that these campaigns tie in with what they are talking about on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Despite these successes Henri wants to make things even better: “I’d like our campaigns to tie in more with the Facebook page, it’s a really strong channel for us and the two already work well together, so the more we can do the better. We’re also introducing a Frugi blog very soon, so want to get that tied in as well.” Clearly there are lots of exciting possibilities ahead.

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The results

Frugi’s open rates are 25-30% for each campaign. Click through rates are 30%, sometimes even up to 50% if they have an offer or sale on. They also enjoy a higher than average order value through e-newsletters. But with the help of their Pure360 Account Manager Frugi are aware that there is lots more they can do with the PureCampaign software to get the best possible results from email marketing campaigns.

The email marketing future for Frugi holds segmented and personalised campaigns, triggered emails, new designs and formats of emails, integrating newsletters with emails as well as encouraging even more sign ups on the website. And Frugi are confident that Pure360 are just the right ESP for the job…

Henri says: “We love Pure360 – of all the companies we work with, they have never let us down. Their customer service is second to none and they are willing to help us out with loads of advice on how to improve the performance of our email marketing campaigns. The software is really easy to use, very instinctive and generally great.”

“I found the prices of Pure360 and the customer service I received as an initial enquirer to be way better than anybody else’s.”

Henri Copeland - Marketing Director, Frugi

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