Case study: Faber & Faber see steady increase in email subscribers with Pure360


The Challenge

Faber & Faber wanted to use email marketing to communicate, as easily and immediately as possible, any piece of news or information which their subscriber base would be interested in. Faber has a number of mailing lists for different parts of their business, including general news about books and the arts, their bespoke print-on-demand catalogue and their new creative writing academy. Like true email marketing pros they’re growing their lists organically and seeing their subscriber numbers grow at a steady rate.

The Solution

The newsletter is an integral part of Faber’s online strategy, enabling them to engage with readers, book buyers and aspiring writers in a way that that is easily digestible . This is becoming increasingly important as the gap between retailers and book buyers widens, as more and more information is now found online, and as book-selling expertise disappears from the high street. Because Faber’s catalogue includes books spanning a multitude of literary genres, they need separate lists to serve these different communities. They see their newsletters as a key direct marketing communication tool and use them alongside their Twitter feed and Facebook groups. The simplicity of PureCampaign, along with the comprehensive analytics reporting available, helps Faber to reach interested parties and measure the success of specific campaigns and keeps the subscribers receiving relevant and up to the minute content.

The Results

Pure360’s email marketing software:

  • Plays a key role in a number of viral and online campaigns run by Faber, and helps Faber to build specific online communities.
  • Allows Faber to update and refine their lists with minimum effort. As Faber’s subscriber list grows it is automatically updated on the PureCampaign system.
  • Enables Faber to track the specific subscriber interests through the enterprise-level reporting function. The information acquired via this function provides an invaluable opportunity for Faber to target these interest groups separately

In a nutshell they’re pretty happy marketers at Faber &Faber and a great example of email marketing best practice in the publishing industry.


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