Case study

Case Study:
Bravissimo sees 69% increase in ROI



Bravissimo were looking to achieve a more agile approach to their email marketing and develop a greater partnership with their ESP in which they would receive dedicated strategy support and best practice advice to increase the effectiveness of email campaigns. In January 2014, the company joined Pure360 because of the easy to use interface and dedicated account management to help them revise their email marketing strategy and to increase key email performance metrics. Two of their main challenges were finding the best time to send their emails and creating more engaging content. They needed to ensure emails were in their customer’s inbox at the right time for them to convert.

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Pure360 Intelligent Time Sending functionality recognises the most effective time to send to individual recipients using previous data, allowing Bravissimo to deliver emails at the optimum time for customer conversions and activity. Bravissimo also received dedicated support and guidance from their Pure360 Customer Success Director who encouraged them to mix up their marketing with some more light-hearted content and experiment with subject lines, to reflect the more fun side of the brand.

The results

Using all of the recommendations from Pure360 the ‘Liberate your Lilo’ swimwear campaign went out on a sunny Sunday evening with a fun vibe that matched the time of the send perfectly. The combination of all the changes and recommendations meant the campaign achieved a massive 69% increase in ROI compared to the other recent campaigns, and exceeded their revenue target over the rest of the seasonal average. Bravissimo also reported that this particular email lead with the highest send-to-a-friend rate and open-to-click rate of the season.

“The support we have received from Pure360 has allowed us to experiment with new email marketing tools and strategies, including intelligent time testing which have given us some great initial results. We’re very much looking forward to developing further trials and campaigns to move our email activity forward.”

Natasha Hatwell - Marketing Manager, Bravissimo

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