The Pure360 Weekly Email and Digital Round Up: Mosquito zapping billboards, sender trustworthiness, book vending machines, and computers on wheels

Last week in the digital world we asked if you looked at the value of an email address, and we looked at SPAM filter solutions, important new EU data laws, and cinemas in the US encouraging social media usage during films.

An educational billboard experience

We’re always amazed at the impact technology can have, and now it’s helping to combat global health emergencies! An out of home installation in Brazil is helping to inform the public of the dangers of the Zika virus – whilst also attracting and killing the mosquitos spreading the virus. With the World Health Organization (WHO) concerns over the threat of the Zika virus, Posterscope and NBS have released the technology to the public for free under a Creative Commons licence.

Why is this happening to me?

We all like to know what people think of us, and unfortunately in the world of email marketing your reputation really can precede you in the worst possible way. This latest article from ReturnPath discusses sender trustworthiness and how critical this can be in terms of email deliverability. If you’re concerned your email reputation is somewhat sketchy (although we hope it isn’t!) this one’s for you.

Would you buy a book from a vending machine?

Traditional book shops are under increasing threat from the digitisation of both the product and the market place, but one tech entrepreneur has gone against the grain by creating a vending machine that tweets when it makes a book sale. Next time you pick up a packet of crisps, you could pick up the latest bestseller too!

High performance computers on wheels

Auto and tech firms are increasingly forming alliances to expand services that hook cars up to the internet, and the race to develop the first truly self-driving car is hotting up every week. This week Hyundai Motor Co. announced they are linking up with Cisco Systems to develop further connect-ed technology to help their bid to develop “computers on wheels.”

Stay tuned for more digital news and reviews next week. Until next time, folks.

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