Using automation emails – because good e-manners cost nothing

Hurrah…you have taken the time to find your most favourite item online.  You add to basket the right amount, size and colour. Then, you securely checkout. If you are purchasing from an online retailer with a reputable e-commerce channel you will expect to see a confirmation email in your inbox in a short time.

However, apart from the standard issue of an order number, e-retailers are missing one of the most important moments of building a lasting relationship.

Sending a perfectly formed “thank-you for your recent purchase” is akin to the smile alongside the credit card receipt if being served in person. Not only that, a personable sales-person will take the time to listen to your individual requirements and present you with a selection most likely to appeal to taste and pocket.

How do good manners translate to online transactions?

An action or time-based triggered email, also known as an Automation, can be used in conjunction with recommendation software if available but even without, the opportunity to offer a “link-sell” or time-sensitive discount as percentage or £value is frequently overlooked.

If you’re looking to grow your brand or put on some good organic growth, allow this offer to be inflated when sent to a friend.

Why automations work

Automations can inform your customer that their delivery is on its way.

Automations can also be gently moulded into “after-sales.” How many times have you wanted to feedback thanks, suggestions or comments?

Every so often, e-retailers should consider sending a data-capture form with a simple drop-down box for customers to tell you what they like/want more or less of. This channel for communication is priceless because it will enable you to gleam more about your individual clients who can then be rewarded with specific offers/tailored information using dynamic content…which comes next time!

So, in short, automations equal endearment. And who can e-afford to be without a modicum of that?