How to Use Social Proof to Boost Christmas Sales

Social proof is when people refer to the behaviour of others in new or unfamiliar situations i.e. when they’re unsure of what to do. This is highly likely to occur during the Christmas season where shoppers are frantically searching for a great gift for that special someone.

It’s times like this where feelings of confusion and caution are at their highest. A shopper’s hunt for the perfect gift can take them into product areas they aren’t familiar with or towards brands they don’t usually shop with. Ultimately they want to purchase a great gift and they want it to be a surprise – but how can they be sure they’re making the right decision?

While a great marketer can put the right product in front of them, the product ratings and the wisdom of the crowd will massively influence a shoppers’ decision to purchase in this scenario.

According to Forbes, online reviews have been shown to impact 67.7% of purchasing decisions and 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

There are so many types of social proof but the following examples are particularly useful if you’re looking to provide a great customer experience and boost your Christmas sales:

Live availability updates

A little sense of urgency goes a long way in getting people to commit.

By telling visitors that certain items are low on stock, you can create a fear of missing out that compels them to buy. With the right technology you’ll be able to display availability updates to prompt customers to buy.

live availability updates

Live viewing updates

This shows web visitors how many people are also browsing the same product at that particular moment which can be very effective in encouraging people to take action. Think of it in a real-life scenario. When people start crowding around you in a shop to look at the same item you’re looking at, it drives an impulse to pick up the item before you miss your chance and the other person walks off with it.


Crowdsourced bestsellers

At this time of year, lots of shoppers may be looking for guidance and inspiration on where to spend their cash. Highlighting your best selling products to visitors is perfect for this scenario—if the majority of people are buying these products then others likely to follow suit. The hard work is done for them.


Social proof by Ultimo

Customer ratings and reviews

A rating gives your website visitor a quick overview and a gauge of how well received your product was from your existing customers. This visual feedback can be all the encouragement someone needs to purchase a product.

Tea Pigs use the classic star rating approach which projects a simple and effective message.



They team this with the option to access further information in the form of written feedback. Customer reviews are a great form of social proof as they provide a trusted and unbiased summary of a product or service, allowing others to make an informed decision on how well the product suits their needs. This helps build a level of trust with your customers



Hopefully this blog has given you some clear ideas on how you can easily boost Christmas sales using social proof. With the potential to attract a lot of new customers during this busy period, social proof is a crucial step in creating an instant level of trust and brand credibility with those who haven’t purchased from you before.

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