How travel marketers can turn browsing sessions into bookings

It can take a long time to book a holiday – hours of painstaking research to find the perfect hotel, resort, flight or destination.

According to some studies it can take as much as 30 hours, involve at least eight different websites and take over five weeks to actually book (The Daily Mail, 2015).

It’s a frustrating situation – not only for the holiday maker but for the travel industry who are constantly trying to secure more bookings from people visiting their sites.

But help is at hand. Our PureTargeting technology will allow you to reach out to visitors based on their behaviour and tempt them back to book. In fact this form of behavioral retargeting is one of the most effective marketing methods available today with one of the highest returns-on-investment in marketing (The Future of Commerce, 2015).

Suggestions based on search behaviour

Unlike in many other industries, someone browsing a travel website shares a huge amount of information about themselves and their needs, just through what they search for. Through simply recording this search behaviour, a provider will know what date the prospective customer is hoping to travel, how long they plan to stay, the destinations they’re considering, their budgets and the number of people in their potential booking.

PureTargeting lets you turn that insight to your advantage by giving you the ability to create and send custom-made recommendations emails based on these search criteria. Due to the amount of information made available, the subsequent suggestions are more than just a shot in the dark – they’re the most relevant, tailor-made recommendations possible, making them far more likely to convert into a booking.

Research round-ups

Online research can get frustrating. The browser can’t remember all the details of multiple searches and often spend hours trying to backtrack and find hotels, flight times or availability they spotted a few clicks ago. And that’s just the initial searches for a holiday – once potential holiday bookers have liaised with spouses, family and other travellers, much of the information they first found is a blur. In fact 21% of people who abandon a search on a travel website cite ‘needing to check with other travellers’ as a main reason for leaving (Econsultancy, 2015).

If you want to increase the likelihood of visitors returning you need to make it easy for them to pick up where they left off. PureTargeting allows you to send customers a useful round-up of what they found on your website while they were browsing with all their information they looked at condensed into one email. It’s a great reference tool and ensures you don’t lose confused customers along the path-to-purchase.


Price and availability email alerts

37% of browsers on travel website cite the cost as the biggest reason for abandoning a holiday search (Econsultancy, 2015). Our PureTargeting technology allows you to retarget these people by sending simple price or availability email alerts. By sending an email to the browser when the cost or availability of a flight, hotel or resort changes, you can increase the sense of urgency and prompt an immediate booking. These automated emails take minimal effort to manage and are an effective tactic which low-cost airlines have used for years.



Browsing and cart abandonment emails

A staggering 81% of people abandon online travel bookings, with ‘just looking’ named as the biggest reason for leaving (Econsultancy, 2015). The most basic way get people to return is to send an email to a customer who’s looked at your website and try to tempt them back after they leave.

Although cart abandonment campaigns are an established tool in retail, they’re still surprisingly under-utilised in travel, despite achieving an impressive 29% success rate (Econsultancy, 2013). As long as you have the browser’s email address PureTargeting can automatically send personalised recovery emails tempting people back to your website to complete their booking. Traveller reviews, discounts and recommendations can all be used to convince people to return and secure a reservation.

These are just a few examples of the automated retargeting emails you can create and manage using the our PureTargeting solution. Simple emails which will secure return visits, prompt action and gently nudge the potential holiday maker towards making a reservation. Automated emails which can be easily created, setup and managed to increase your conversion rate and the number of people who choose to travel or stay with you in the future.

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