How a Travel Brand Increased Bookings by Building a Single Customer View

Ever felt like you need to escape to the country? After a busy week in the office, we sure have.

There’s no better place for a weekend country retreat than the Lake District. Rolling hills, opening out into expansive lakes that reflect the sky like mirrors. Did somebody say idyllic?

Our client, Lake District Hotels, owns a collection of unique family-owned hotels, nestled in the heart of one of the UK’s most scenic holiday destinations. But until recently, they were unable to communicate the true value of their accommodation through personalised campaigns.

Help, our data’s disparate!

Disparate data sources and a lack of integration between their general marketing and reservations database made the lives of Lake District Hotel’s marketing team far from easy.

Lake District Hotels has some really unique selling points, such as being dog friendly. But with incomplete fields on their legacy reservation system, they weren’t able to identify the dog-owners from pooch-free guests.

This sort of missing data meant the marketing team was ill-equipped to create segments to send personalised messages to.

Moreover, without a single customer view, it was almost impossible to understand customer lifetime value or measure the success of their campaigns.

To add additional confusion to their reporting, Lake District Hotels also used direct mail in their marketing mix. And, like many marketing teams, they found it difficult to attribute revenue and ROI per marketing channel.

Long-standing Pure360 customers, the Lake District Hotels team has always been impressed with the email campaigns they’ve been able to send through PureCampaign. So, it made sense for them to approach Pure360 to solve their current challenge.

Can you fix it for us?

Lake District Hotels tasked Pure360 to help them build a single customer view to enable them to automate customer journeys with minimal time and resource. The underlying aim of this work was to help them with their overall marketing objectives, which are to:

  • increase direct bookings
  • reduce third party commission
  • maintain and increase occupancy and revenue

Yes, we can!

Though the challenge seemed complicated, the solution was simple: adding Pure360’s PureIntelligence module to Lake District Hotel’s existing PureCampaign set-up.

PureIntelligence offers a single customer view and automated journeys, so implementing it solved both the data and personalisation challenges the travel brand was experiencing.

But hang on, what about the implementation itself? We’re well aware that although a solution may seem like a cure-all, sometimes putting it in place doesn’t go so smoothly.

But not in our case: the Pure360 team was there every step of the way—ensuring implementation was seamless. And it was.

James Pass, online marketing manager at Lake District Hotels, was delighted: “Pure 360 went above and beyond to get all our data synced with our reservations system, which was no mean feat due to the way the system we use is built.”


The results driven from the implementation of PureIntelligence speak for themselves:

    • More direct bookings: Direct bookings up 4% in the first six months of implementation.
    • Less third-party reliance: Maintained overall occupancy whilst reducing third party bookings by 8%.
    • Improved ROI: Increased conversions from email and direct mail marketing.