Top 5 reasons why you need defined objectives in 2021

The start of a new year is often accompanied by renewed positivity, enthusiasm, and energy.

Many begin hopefully looking ahead to the next 365 days. Putting goals and resolutions in place to make this year their year.

But for most of us, this new year feels a little different.

We could never have envisaged what 2020 would throw at us. And the hopes and aspirations which would be left unfulfilled as a result.

Yes. 2021 is already proving to be unpredictable for most of the world. And you’d be forgiven for rolling your eyes at the mere suggestion of setting objectives given all of the uncertainty we are facing.

But before you dismiss this idea. Hear us out.

Because we believe that setting defined objectives is just what marketers need to make the most of this coming year. And start the next 365 days on a positive note.

Read on to find our top 5 reasons why you need defined objectives in 2021.


Get the best possible results

Marketers who set objectives and goals are 376% more likely to report successful results.

That’s because when you set objectives, you have a clear vision to work towards.

You ensure that you push yourself to gain the best results possible. Rather than going with the flow and waiting for the results to come to you.

And what marketers can measure can be improved. But if they don’t set defined objectives, then they won’t know what needs improving. They will have little to work towards. And will likely waste time, effort, and money in the process.

So marketers should aim high with some (albeit not necessarily all) of their objectives. Then even if they miss, they will have pushed themselves to get the best possible results. And then be encouraged to take action to become even better.


Gain clarity and focus

We’ve all had a lot to think about recently. From Brexit to pandemics. Storms to murder hornets. The world has certainly thrown a lot at us.

And we’re all pretty exhausted.

For marketers, objectives can actually help clear the mind. Offering much-needed clarity and focus for thoughts, plans, and strategies.

Defined objectives enable marketers to reduce any unnecessary waste of mental energy that might otherwise be spent on sporadic decision making or unnecessary campaign activity that doesn’t fit with higher-level objectives and goals.

When they have a defined objective, marketers can create a focal point to channel their energy and produce maximum results. Filtering out any other distractions.


Keep accountable

Of course, clarity and focus are highly beneficial to any marketer. However, many may still need a further nudge to help them achieve their goals.

Defined objectives help marketers do just this by making them accountable for their actions. So, rather than just talking the talk. Marketers are obliged to walk the walk.

By writing down, sharing, and regularly communicating defined objectives, marketers can gain buy-in and support from the wider business to help them achieve more.

But of course, they’re not just accountable to the wider business. They are also accountable to themselves. And by ensuring that defined objectives include specific goals, targets, and dates, marketers can easily determine whether or not they are on track. And if not, what they can do about it. 


Track and measure

Measurement is key for any business and marketer. It ensures that targets are being met. That activity is focused on the highest performing areas. And that plans are actually working.

Defined objectives offer a powerful way to track progress and growth. By regularly identifying how close they are to meeting their objectives, marketers can see the areas they are most succeeding in. As well as those that need a little work.

They will be able to see what actions and tactics are generating the best possible results based on how quickly they are meeting objectives. And also share this information with colleagues and the wider business.

Not only is this a great source of insight. But also a great way for marketers to clearly show off their achievements.


Build motivation

We could all do with a little motivation after 2020.

Fortunately, meeting objectives is incredibly motivating. They encourage marketers to reach their highest potential. And without them, many will default to a routine of activities that makes them feel safe. But doesn’t help them grow or progress.

By setting defined objectives, marketers set targets for themselves to strive towards. They are motivated to venture into new tactics, strategies, and channels that will put them into growth mode and stretch beyond ‘the norm’.

After all, seeing progress can become addictive. In the most positive way.

To summarise

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