The proof that B2B promotional email can be done

I get quite a few promotional/special offer emails on my personal email from various brands as we all do. However I don’t often get this kind of messages on my work inbox. I even started to think that B2B companies did not care for them.

It is always nice to be sent a discount, given some free credits or a free delivery. B2C companies use a lot of these types of incentives to get people to click on their email and place some orders. So why not use the same techniques in B2B?

I like the subject line “Come back to LinkedIn Ads – here are some credits to get you going”. It’s straightforward and I know I’m going to get something for free (credits) without them even using the word ‘free’ which is considered as spammy by the major APIs. Clever.

The design is also well done. It is mainly grey which accentuates a professional tone. However the bit of colour they use is in the right places: Pure360’s last campaign that was live on LinkedIn, the promotional code and how much I can redeem, and last but not least the call to action.

My eyes are drawn instantly to these three points. I don’t even need to read the whole email to understand that LinkedIn is offering me some credits to reactivate my ads and start using their services again.

B2B promotional email – yes you can!

Whether it’s at home or at work we all love a discount. B2B providers shouldn’t exclude this technique from their marketing campaigns to attract clicks and orders as well as make the most of their email marketing campaigns.

Vouchers, discounts or a free trial can be a great way to reengage inactive customers through email marketing – just like LinkedIn Ads did with us.