The Curiosity Club: when marketers step away from the norm

Last week we went to London and successfully launched our brand new event, The Curiosity Club.

As a company full of digital marketing experts who spend their days fully immersed in the world of email marketing, we noticed something – digital marketing is severely lacking in creativity! We see it in our own inboxes day in and day out – too many of the same messages, same imagery, same design, same tone…the same thinking.

So we wanted to create a place where marketers and business leaders come to be inspired and step away from the norm. Here they can consume forward-thinking, unique and inspiring content. And be surrounded by others who want to drive digital marketing to its limits!

A great event with thought provoking glimpses of the future – no pitches! Thanks Pure360, I’m looking forward to the next one. – Dela Quist, CEO at Alchemy Worx

Our inspiration for the evening…

Located in the wonderfully mysterious and atmospheric Pygmalion Room at the Ivy in Covent Garden, our guests were treated to some exceptional and thought-provoking content.

The night kicked off with Lizzie Hodgson, Founder of ThinkNation, an innovative organisation focused on empowering young people from diverse communities to explore the impact of technology on their lives. She encourages everyone to ask the BIG questions. And she believes the big questions come from challenging the status quo and from working together. Which fueled her subject for the evening: Curiosity, Purpose, and Action – challenging inertia and smashing silos. Her frank and honest discussion around technology centres back to how we as humans interact with one another and where we choose to place technology in our lives.



We were also joined by Yifei Chai, Creative Director at award-winning production company Unit9. Yifei specialises in the emotional relationship between humans and technology and took us on a journey of digital empathy. From looking at why we found the likes of the Microsoft paperclip so annoying to how we can now use AI to control other people’s bodies! Could the future of ‘training’ for a sport such as tennis mean we simply ‘download’ the winning movements of a tennis champion and experience it via technology? Maybe so… – it’s all about how we’re using technology to drive a deeper connection with our audiences.

Inspirational, thought-provoking and utterly uplifting. This isn’t your usual tedious marketing event or sales pitch. It’s the kind of event to lift you outside of the day to day and understand what it means to be influential. I’ve been blown away by the speakers and how they’ve made me think about how I approach my day. There’s something to be said about being curious!! – Mark Ash, CEO at Pure360



The finale got a little bit ‘Derren Brown’ as Griffin and Jones encouraged everyone to…talk to the dead. We’re not going to reveal much more as we’re lucky to be joined by this entertaining duo at our Manchester event. So you’ll just have to come along and find out what the link is between a seance and marketing…

The talks were very interesting and not what I was expecting! The Curiosity Club is a fresh and different approach to making us think about marketing in a more unique way. – Hallam Tweddell, Marketing Manager at Twisted Cellar

Join us for the next Curiosity Club…

We’re excited to announce that our next Curiosity Club will be taking place at 6pm on Wednesday 5th June at The Liars Lounge in Manchester’s vibrant Cain and Grain.

Find more about what’s lined up and grab your tickets right here.

One big question I get asked is “Can a person learn to be more creative”, it is often seen as a trait that you are born with or not! . Well my answer to that is yes absolutely and a big part of how you do that is by having a diverse, curious approach to learning. Broadening your horizons and stepping out of the normal comfort zones can suddenly spring eureka moments for problems you are trying to solve. When curating the Curiosity Club this is what underpins our content and it aligns perfectly to the Pure360 mission “enabling marketers to be the best they can be”. We know you will leave feeling excited, motivated and more creative and look forward to meeting you there! – Komal Helyer, Marketing Director at Pure360.