Stamp price hike to drive more businesses to email

Many businesses are expected to turn to email marketing in a bid to combat the rising price of stamps, reports.

Email marketing has long been seen as the less expensive option compared to its direct mail equivalent, a belief that experts claim will be galvanised by the rise in stamp prices this week (30th April).

First class stamps are now 60p, rising from 46p, whilst large letters will now cost 90p to send. These increases quickly add up for businesses sending great numbers of mail content, experts have said, driving them to email instead.

In light of the price hikes, content management software company OpenText has said that businesses will not only turn to email for their marketing content, but may also shift invoices and bills online to ensure they are not spending too much money on post for their finances.

Speaking to, OpenText UK’s director of field marketing for Europe, Adrian O’Gara, explained that for businesses, customer communication through traditional direct mail is now more expensive than it ever has been.

“This is the biggest postal cost hike since 1975 and it has huge ramifications not only on direct marketing campaigns and budgets but also other customer communications such as invoicing,” he added.

“Unfortunately, the return on investment in traditional marketing inserts, which is already low, is now going to be even less compelling. Direct mail has increasingly delivered a very poor return on investment due to rising design, print and now mailing costs, as well as the inability to personalise or target individuals.”