Recover 13% lost sales revenue with Pure360 Behavioural Targeting

We are very proud to announce one of our most exciting feature releases yet, Pure360 Behavioural Targeting.

Our new feature enables marketers to leverage real-time behavioural data to send highly targeted recovery emails and personalised recommendations to re-engage customers and maximise ROI.

With Pure360 Behavioural Targeting users can recover up to 20% of abandoned carts with real time messaging. Our platform uses sophisticated algorithms to understand the behaviour of online customers and triggers automated and highly targeted campaigns. Real time data is collected as the customer shops and then used to trigger targeted messages which reduce cart and form abandonment, boost sales and encourage repeat customers.

Recovery emails – re-engage with abandoned shoppers instantly

  • Real time re-engagement, as most abandoned leads go cold within an hour
  • Identifies and contacts targeted shoppers
  • Begin with recovery emails then upgrade to email campaign personalisation
  • Advanced, real-time personalisation and form recovery also available
  • Product recommendations – real time content for all your marketing needs
  • Dynamic content for hyper personalised communications
  • Open-time formatting so that the content and products in your emails can be changed, even after sending
  • Individual, personal recommendations based on browsed and purchased products
  • Crowd source recommendations, such as trending products
  • Product and device-level recommendations, such as new products
  • Count down timers for sales, offers and events
  • Hero images using HTML blogs
  • Utilise real time data without the hassle of big data challenges