Pure360’s Top Content from 2015

With 2016 just around the corner we decided to dive into our analytics and pull out our top content from 2015. Be sure to check the below guides and blogs out, you may learn a thing or two to really make an impact with your email and digital marketing in the New Year!

Number 1: In vogue

Your favourite blog from us this year was undoubtedly our “10 benefits of email marketing”. Delivering what it says on the tin, this blog highlighted why email marketing remains the powerhouse of communication that it is, how it has stood the test of time despite technological advancements and managed to stay at the top of the ROI food chain. As you’re all fans of email marketing, we weren’t surprised that you loved this blog so much!

Number 2: Were you part of the 1% this year?

We grabbed your attention straight away with this one, as the release of our Email Maturity Benchmarking Report proved our second most popular content of the year. This demonstrated how great content and a catchy title grabs attention, and we’re delighted that our database of customers and professionals continue to download the report and give us such great feedback on its content.

The Benchmarking Report proved invaluable in helping our customers identify where they were in comparison to their competitors and rate themselves against other leading industries. It’s always good to know where you stand, isn’t it? Thanks for loving the Maturity Benchmarking Report as much as we do.

Number 3: Benchmark your business

Unsurprisingly, our Guide to Email Maturity came in just behind our Maturity Benchmarking Report in terms of popularity, as the two pieces go hand in hand. Why did you love it so much? We think it’s because it helped you plan your strategy, set goals, identify missed opportunities and improve your campaign results.

In a nutshell, the handy guide gives you everything you need to help send better emails. Who wouldn’t love something that helps you do that! See what you think and download the guide.

Number 4: Christmas Campaigns

The release of this blog proved a bit of a curveball due to its release date, but our 10 Email Marketing Tips for Christmas Campaigns was a hugely popular post. We released it in April, well ahead of the festive season, and there was a method to our madness as by releasing it this early, we gave a practical demonstration of the importance of implementing your Christmas campaign strategy early and planning it in advance.

Cutting through a barrage of blogs about chocolate and Easter, our blog was a breath of festive fresh air and helped you learn from your previous campaigns and implement a successful strategy for the upcoming Christmas season.

Number 5: Tempting Titles

The Pure360 Guide to Irresistible Email proved particularly popular not only due to it’s tempting title but because you just can’t say no to a good bargain (it’s free!).

This guide showed marketers can really make an impact in the inbox by creating emails that not only look great, but are also highly personalised and tailored to the individual. We also include lots of stunning email examples throughout, so this one is definitely worth a browse on your lunch break.

Number 6: We’ll be there for you…

Are you looking for the complete guide to email marketing? Then look no further! Our Simplified Series has everything that you need to simplify strategies, target your desired demographic, maximise the benefit of your database, create a sleek email campaign design and make sense of those all-important analytics. No wonder it was one of our most popular downloads of 2015!

Number 7: Measure your success

For those of you who are looking for methods to measure the success of your email campaigns, our blog post on How to Measure the Success of your Email Campaigns proved seriously popular this year! But why? This blog gives a clear-cut breakdown of the metrics you need to monitor to determine your campaign success, and simply put, the more you understand what these are telling you, the better your emails will be. “How-to” guides are always a great way to catch your customer’s attention, and this one was certainly no exception.

Number 8: Get your slice of the VIE pie

Forget Friendship, Show me the Goods” was one of our top ten titles of the year. This research report contained detailed new findings on customers’ attitudes towards email and what they want from their inbox. For anyone utilising email marketing campaigns, it is a crucial document for your desktop, so we aren’t surprised it’s made it into our Top Ten list! The title was a little different as well, which shows that thinking outside the box when it comes to creating your blog post titles can really pay off.

Number 9: Call to action

In a year where video became a regular feature in email campaigns, this short but sweet piece on How to Use CSS3 Animation in Email  got straight to the point in telling you how to utilise CSS3 animation in your email. Most importantly, we also made sure to discuss how to get animations looking right in your customer’s inboxes, no matter what their email client. Videos and animation in email marketing is set to increase in popularity throughout 2016, so be sure to catch up on this blog.

Number 10: The missing link – SMS marketing

Last but not least was our “5 Benefits of SMS Marketing” blog. This undervalued marketing tool has an instant and guaranteed open-rate, and we felt this blog gave it the recognition it deserves. If you’re considering utilising SMS marketing in you 2016 strategy, this blog is the one for you.

So that’s it – our top ten list of Pure360’s most popular content of 2015! From research reports to guides, white papers to blogs, we’ve certainly supplied you with a diverse range of content and information throughout the year. It’s made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that you’ve downloaded it, read it and above all, found it helpful! With ever-changing technologies and new advancements, we can but guess what 2016 will have in store for us and what the top ten will be this time next year, but we can’t wait to share it with you!