Pure360’s response to COVID-19

In light of the uncertainty we face with the outbreak of COVID-19, I wanted to take a minute to share what Pure360 is doing to protect our employees, customers and maintain ongoing operations. 

Our response plan ensures a commitment to continuing service excellence whilst protecting our employees, their families and our customers. It covers the following areas:

Business Contingency Planning

Over the last month and as part of our ongoing business continuity planning, The Board and Leadership team at Pure360 have decided to put in place precautionary measures to safeguard against the disruption to continuing operations posed by the Coronavirus.

This week we decided to test our business continuity plan (BCP) by closing the office and requesting all employees work from home. Although we already have a long experience of remote and home-based working, the test gave us confidence that we are ready to support our customers in the event that the entire organisation has to shift to working from home. All our employees have the hardware and access to the technology systems they use on a daily basis to be able to work remotely in case we need to restrict access to our offices. 

Team Safety

We have decided to put in place several policies to ensure the health of our employees and their families. These include:

  • Minimizing all work-related travel and using video conferencing instead. 
  • Avoiding work-related mass gatherings where possible.  
  • Immediate self-isolation in the event of unwell family members showing potential symptoms
  • Restricting any non-essential face to face meetings. While this will result in less face-to-face time, we are well prepared to conduct all meetings remotely via a variety of video conferencing systems.

Customer Team Availability

All of our employees are equipped to connect with our colleagues and our customers in a secure and productive environment, while working remotely at any time. We feel confident in our continued ability to serve your business 24/7, regardless of our physical work locations.

In the coming days, the leadership team will be considering implementing a full or partial work from home policy in order to mitigate the risk of infection and cross-contamination.

We are confident that in the event of office closure, customers will experience no disruption in service excellence as our entire workforce is fully equipped to work remotely. We are ready to uphold our SLAs when the whole workforce is working from home or under partial quarantine.  

Increased customer communications

We also understand that you may have the need to send extra communications to your customers, please be assured that we are fully prepared for this and you should not experience issues.

Infrastructure Resilience

The Pure360 platform is fully automated and is supported by a 24/7 team of operations engineers. Pure360’s service operates from highly available and resilient data centers to provide continuous service to our clients. We proactively monitor the health of our infrastructure to ensure that we are able to adjust our operations if outages occur, minimising any potential impact on our clients.  We have previously undertaken significant risk planning and investment in the technology required for secure dispersed working.

We are monitoring the situation and will produce further updates from time to time to ensure that our customers and partners are fully informed. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or contact us via the usual means.


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Mark Ash