The Pure360 Weekly Email and Digital Round Up: Litmus, Domain Certification, EU laws and AMC experience

Last week in the digital world we April Fooled you with Mark Zuckerberg’s prank with H&M, but there was no joking around with protecting your brand, we also brought you news on Samsung’s smart contact lenses and how the March market share was dominated by mobile.

Are you listening?

For most brands, an email address is as good as any currency, because it signals the subscriber is willing to listen to what you have to say. Litmus have written about how to successfully promote your content using our preferred medium – email!

Blocked by SPAM filters on a daily basis- the solution is here!

21% of permissioned marketing emails never reach the inbox, instead landing in spam folders or getting blocked. For marketers, that means losing out on more than just clicks. ReturnPath have introduced their very own Domain Certification so marketers can increase their ROI. Learn how to participate in the early release here.

EU data laws: Better late then never

The data protection regulation aims to give citizens back their control of personal data. With the biggest shake up in 20 years, it could mean huge fines for companies that breach the law and create some potentially complex problems about how these companies store, delete and return data to citizens.

AMC Entertainment experiment

In the US, cinema has been given a taste of the modern world. In a bid to encourage younger audiences, the new company president is encouraging phone usage in their cinemas – but will those ring tones and ultra-bright screens become a nuisance to lovers of the big screen?

Stay tuned for more digital news and reviews next week. Until next time, folks.


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Head of Marketing

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