The Pure360 Weekly Email and Digital Round Up: Mark for H&M, Brand Reputation, and Gmail Joke Disaster

It’s that time of the week again where we catch you up with all the latest goings-on in the technology and digital worlds. This week, among other news, we were tickled pink by the April Fool’s campaigns that caught our attention for both good and bad reasons, so let’s read on and find out what you’ve missed.

Mark for H&M

This “Mark Zuckerberg for H&M” campaign was perhaps one of the more elaborate April Fool’s pranks out there, involving an on-brand website with a convincing back story and lookbook. The cunning pranksters even replicated the H&M copyright information on the page. Whilst the prank is on a genius scale, it is worrying how well a brand’s image can be replicated without their knowledge. Fortunately this doesn’t seem to have damaged H&M’s reputation in anyway.

Speaking of brand reputation…

This one is no joke, as the team over at ReturnPath have identified five key stats which will help prove the value of protecting your brand at all costs. Brand loyalty is more tenuous than you may think, and knowing how to protect your brand is critical for all business. Read more here.

Gmail’s Joke Disaster

We’ve all accidentally put a ‘x’ on the end of an email to a colleague before, haven’t we? (Just us? Oh…) Well, Google learnt a hard lesson in the perils of playing pranks through their email software, when the repercussions for their ‘mic drop’ email feature prank were resonating around the world this week.

Augmented Reality… Contact lenses?!

This week, Samsung received a patent for “smart contact lenses” which will house a transmitter, display unit, camera and movement sensors. Whilst virtual reality has been grabbing more headlines recently, the augmented reality world is preparing for what may be a similar surge in popularity and development.

March market dominated by mobile

A quick catchup blog from Litmus has shown that the market share maintained the growth of mobile seen in early 2016, with mobile opens receiving 55% market share in comparison to 26% webmail and just 19% desktop. For more details, including the overall environment growth, top email clients and more, you should find this blog useful.

Stay tuned for more digital news and reviews next week. Until next time, folks.


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Head of Marketing

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