The Pure360 Weekly Email and Digital Roundup: Digital mind control, lessons in feedback, Twitter for Win10 and tax breaks

We hope you enjoyed St Patrick’s Day! If you’re green with envy having missed last week’s digital round-up, allow us to bring you up to speed! We talked about gadgets, International Women’s Day, the man who brought us the @ symbol and eye tracking on mobile phones and tablets. Brace yourselves for this week’s installment.

Digital Mind Control

Imagine a world where a simple brain implant connected to your device can implement what you are thinking. Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie doesn’t it? Well, the dream may soon become a reality as some great digital minds have teamed up with innovative biologists to create a way for wheelchair users to control their motorised chairs with their mind! It’s currently being tested on primates but scientists believe the technology is so advanced that it will soon be ready for human use. Mind-boggling!

A lesson in feedback

Feedback is what allows our businesses to grow and develop, enabling us to address issues and communicate with our customers, and Gmail recently introduced a feedback loop to allow them to identify senders within their network who receive high spam complaints. This feature has become available to marketers on an individual level, and could prove invaluable in tracking complaint trends and taking action against them. This recent piece from ReturnPath caught our eye as it takes readers through a step-by-step process on implementing the Gmail feedback loop into your own system to help access your own data, take action on any complaint trends and get mail delivered to the right people. Have a look at the article here

Twitter launches for Windows 10

Twitter for Windows 10 Mobile was launched yesterday, and includes many of the newer features the social network has recently implemented. It is a single app that changes based on your device and screen size and has been carefully tested to ensure a fantastic user experience no matter what device you are using. This launch is no coincidence, as it has been carefully timed to fit in with the March 17th planned launch of Windows 10 Mobile. Have you tried it? Let us know what you think and tweet us @Pure360 with your take on the new Windows 10 Twitter!

2017 Tax Breaks for digital traders

Of course we couldn’t produce a digital news roundup without mentioning the Budget 2016, as Mr Osborne has introduced new tax breaks for those who trade online through websites like Airbnb and eBay. At least half a million people will benefit, and for those of us who are affected, it spells an exciting new era where the world of the online ‘micro-entrepreneur’ will be embraced and supported. Read all about it here.

That’s it from us for another week, we’ll see you next week when we’ll be bringing you more digital developments and technological delicacies.

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