The Pure360 Weekly Email and Digital Round Up: Google AI program, International Women’s Day, Ray Tomlinson and eye tracking


Last week we celebrated World Book Day, which conveniently was on the same day as our round-up! We do so love it when a plan comes together. In case you missed it, we also looked at the elixir of life, book clubs, and technology damaging attention spans. Are you ready for what’s in store for this week? Read on, dear friends!

Go Go Gadget Google!

Scientists and engineers around the world are going crazy for Google’s Deepmind artificial intelligence program which has defeated Go’s world champion for a second time this week. Lee Sedol, the current Go champion expected to win the series 5-0 (or 4-1 at worst!) but was forced to concede the AI AlphaGo program played a “near perfect game”, as once more human ingenuity comes out ahead of human intuition.

Who runs the world?

It was International Women’s Day on March 8th and the folks at Panos Pictures have collaborated with the Internet Society to produce some powerful images of women utilising technology to shape their lives. Whether it’s digital design in Uganda or ICT consultancy in Mexico, these photos show the extent of technology’s global impact, influencing and shaping lives for women at home, in business, or in the community.

A tribute to Ray Tomlinson

The man who created modern email and invented the @ symbol sadly passed away this week. It therefore seems fitting that Litmus have commemorated him with a look-back at how far we’ve come since email first arrived 45 years ago. With over 205 billion emails sent each day and 2.6 billion email users (not to mention email marketing being the cornerstone of what we do at Pure360), it’s safe to say Mr Tomlinson leaves a lasting legacy for which we’re grateful. Thank you, Ray.

An eye for detail

Have you ever wondered why you might get more engagements from desktop users than you do mobile users? It could be down to something as simple as where your users look on the search engine results page! Mediative have conducted research to identify where users look, how long they took to look, when they clicked and how long it took them to click. With more than half of all Google searches taking place on mobile devices, it’s crucial that businesses are visible on Google in order to best reach their target audience. Find out more here.

That’s it from us for another week, we’ll see you next week when we’ll be bringing you more digital developments and technological delights. Until next time, folks.


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