The Pure360 Weekly Email and Digital Round Up: Facebook likes, broadband, mousejacking & London transport

Last week we looked at virtual reality, phishing, Apple vs. the FBI and Twitter School. Phew! It’s been another jam-packed seven days, so let’s see what we have for you from the fast-paced digital world of wonders.

Express yourself!

Facebook have updated their like preferences, now giving you the opportunity to express your opinion about posts with both negative and positive emojis. With over 1.5 billion users, there will be a lot more opinions given across Facebook, perhaps giving us even more insight into our customers preferences.

The future of broadband

Ofcom have today released plans on how they intend to improve telecoms quality and coverage, so that UK consumers and businesses receive the best possible phone and broadband services. In an age of connected devices and wearable technologies, connectivity and reliable service is critical for their smooth operation. Many of these new measures from Ofcom will affect all major phone and broadband providers so the plans are worth a read.

When technology becomes too smart

Whilst modern technology is no doubt impressive, it has been known to stumble at the simplest of hurdles. Did you know for example that clay can fool your smartphone? Watch this quick video from the BBC explaining how this can be done. What do you think, is this a serious security risk for the average iPhone user?


Yes, you read it right. Mousejacking is a thing. Internet security firm Bastille have released an ad-visory regarding wireless keyboard and mice which are susceptible to “mousejacking”, allowing intruders to input malicious commands into your PC. If you use these wireless devices on a regular basis, this blog is valuable reading so you can learn how to protect your PCs from the roguish rodents.

It’s a bugs life.

From mice, to bugs (not the creepy crawly variety, fortunately). This time it was a software bug which caused the Transport for London’s app to misbehave, informing commuters that all services throughout London were closed. Transport chaos! Fortunately a swift recovery from TFL’s app developer meant that the problem was fixed, demonstrating how it pays to be on-the-ball and pre-pared for these types of hiccups!

That’s it from us for this week, we’ll see you next time for another digital round-up!


Komal Helyer
Head of Marketing

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