The Pure360 Weekly Email and Digital Round Up: Twitter, Brexit, Super Bowl, buyer journeys and Sony

What has the techie world got for us this week? From Twitter updates to the Super Bowl, here’s our latest digital round-up bringing you a snapshot of new developments over the past 7 days.

Twitter mixes it up again

In 2015, Twitter axed the much-loved “star” symbol for favouring tweets. This year, it’s the home page that has been re-vamped. The new design is much more engaging with real-time updates from news websites and celebrity accounts, which is indicative of Twitter’s desire to increase engagement from more than just existing users. What do you think of the new Twitter homepage?

‘Brexit’ and the EU’s digital market

With the imminent UK EU referendum, this piece from the Direct Marketing Association provides some real food for thought. The EU hopes to remove regulatory barriers in order to create a single digital market, which would deliver choice and savings to customers, provide better access to digital goods and services in addition to driving growth throughout the EU. For anyone involved in cross-border online trade, the emerging legislative developments within the EU will be of huge importance.

Get ready for the Super Bowl

February 7th 2016 is the date for the NFL’s Super Bowl 50, which is on target to be the most expensive sporting event in US history. Ticket prices are selling for an average of $4,957 and a 30 second TV advert during the Super Bowl costs around $5 million (exclusive of creative and production costs). This latest piece from TheDrum would suggest that the fourth quarter Super Bowl audience is, on average, 17% smaller than at the start of the game. Whilst some see a Super Bowl advert as the pinnacle of marketing, the rising prices do raise the question of whether the cost is worth the ROI?

Life through a lens

Sony’s CFO has reported that their dual-camera platform will be launched from “major smartphone players” in 2017, which would likely tie in with a future version of the iPhone 7 (reportedly launching soon!) This would improve optical zoom functions by providing different focal lengths, helping to overcome one of the main limitations of smartphone cameras. Good news for happy-iPhone-snappers everywhere!

Well 2016 has certainly got off to a flying start, and the developments just keep coming! Stay tuned for more news next week when we’ll be back with another digital roundup.


Komal Helyer
Head of Marketing

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