The Pure360 Weekly Email and Digital Round Up: PCs, self driving cars, travel advertising and big data

Our last round-up brought you news of the record breaking internet of things, cybersecurity, 3D printing developments, the end of Internet Explorer, and Twitter rumours that are doing the rounds. Are you ready for the next round-up? Brace yourselves, because here it comes!

Are PCs becoming obsolete?

It’s no secret that smartphones and tablets are taking over, but this week news hit the headlines that global demand for PC’s has fallen by a record amount, according to market research firm IDC. Shipments dropped by 10.6%, with only Apple PC’s coming out on top as their shipments grew by over 6%. Will corporations upgrading to Windows 10 relaunch the PC’s dimming career?

Buckle your seatbelt: Safety concerns with self-driving cars

Google’s recently released report to California regulators has highlighted frequent malfunctions in their autonomous driving software, forcing humans to take control of the vehicle a worrying 341 times in just 14 months. As we see a surge in “smart things” and connected devices, do we also need to be prepared for a deluge of error messages or potential safety concerns?

Catch-22 could cause trouble for the travel industry

Recent reports from Adadyn and EyeForTravel have shown that targeted advertising accounts for around 70% of all travel ad displays. Information such as browser and search history would help brands produce more targeted, relevant adverts for their customers, but surveys have shown that just 13% of customers would allow companies to access their browsing history. It seems that customers are fed up of handing over their information even if it would mean more relevant deals and promotions.

Big data: Bigger problems

This thought-provoking piece from Clickz highlights the predicament faced by companies who have big data and wish to become more data-driven, but find themselves faced with numerous stumbling blocks. In an age where big data should represent even bigger value to companies, it’s important to know how and why big data can fail our customer service teams.

So, there’s our latest round-up for you and it’s certainly given us some food for thought! Join us again next time for your weekly dose of digital developments and technology news.


Komal Helyer
Head of Marketing

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