The Pure360 Weekly Email and Digital Round Up: Old content, CES 2016, targeting and heat signatures

It might be nearly Christmas, but that doesn’t mean that the digital world has taken any time off! Let’s catch you up on what’s been making headlines this week.

Giving old content a new purpose

Whilst we wouldn’t advocate repurposing old content on a regular basis, it can be useful to utilise previously successful campaigns. Our friends at have given us some valuable advice on how to recycle old content in the new year. Do you remember us talking about nostalgia not-so-long ago? Repurposing adverts and campaigns can give your customers those warm fuzzy feelings all over again!

CES 2016

As techies wait with bated breath for the Consumer Technology Association’s big event in early January 2016, take a look at the six big predictions for the event. Drones, cybersecurity and high-tech wearable devices are high up on the must-watch list, and we’ll be keeping an eye on the news from CES to see what it could spell for us marketers in terms of IoT connected devices and data capture technology.

When targeted marketing goes too far…

Should Amazon come tagged with a “Warning: Spoiler Alert”? After tales of how Christmas and birthday surprises have been ruined due to Amazon’s “Recommended for you” section, it’s left some wondering if targeting has gone too far. Based on past purchases or idle internet searches, the level of targeting Amazon has received has now reached a level so sophisticated it might just be the company’s downfall.

Getting hot under the collar

Thermal imaging is set to become the next big form of universal technology, according to this article. It’s hypothesised that heat signatures could become integrated in our daily lives to allow for better shopping experiences (think of a new till opening every time a queue gets big enough that its cumulative heat signature triggers an alert). It could also be used in healthcare and emergency services, detecting higher body temperature in patients, allowing GP’s to spot potential images or allowing the fire service to spot wildfires before they take hold. We’ll be tracking this one to see where this new technology could take us!

We’ll be taking a week off from the round-up next week, so have a great Christmas and join us on December 31st when we’ll have two week’s worth of digital developments to share with you!


Komal Helyer
Head of Marketing

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