Using the Pure360 Suite to improve your clients’ relationships

Most brands have big ambitions when it comes to customer relationships. And as an agency you can be brought into a company to achieve those ambitions.

But it can be hard as an outsider – especially when you don’t have insight into the data or you’re working with a client’s outdated or restrictive internal systems.

The Pure360 Suite can easily be integrated into any company so an agency can quickly gain the tools and insight they need to build an email strategy that strengthens relationships.

Here we take a look at what you can offer your clients to improve customer relationships, the efficiency of marketing and give a holistic experience of their brand.

Making a good first impression

96% of people who visit a website are not ready to buy – they’re simply browsing or researching (Kissmetrics). And that’s OK – as an agency, the only thing you need them to leave with is an email subscription.

That’s because the first step in creating a relationship is to make sure the lines of communication are open. To do this you need to make sure the client is capturing as many email addresses as possible so they can start conversations with their customers.

If you find yourself in a position where a client has a poor quality database or data-capture strategy, then help is at hand. PurePromotions helps you grow your client’s email lists by capturing more data – turning casual browsers and social fans into email subscribers. The tool incentivises customers to submit their details through competitions, prize draws and promotions meaning you can often grow your client’s database by up to 20% in just six months. Because the data is from people who are already visiting your client’s sites, you know they’re interested, which makes it more likely for them to convert.

Starting a conversation

Once you’ve captured the data from a client’s website or social media channels it will be automatically be added to your client’s email list. This means you can start the conversation instantly. It sounds basic but all too often clients and agencies are left frustrated by delays in data reaching their internal database which means a delay in launching a campaign.

As the foundation of the Pure360 Marketing Suite, PureCampaign lets you start the conversation with your client’s customers. As an agency it also gives you the creative freedom to produce and manage slick and professional email programmes. An agency can use it to create great looking emails, monitor the results, automate the sends and use the intuitive platform to drill down into performance. It’s a tool which will allow an agency to create great-looking, targeted, personalised and segmented campaigns that welcome new subscribers, nurture prospects into loyal customers and re-engage lapsed customers.

Turning casual acquaintances into friends

The difference between acquaintances and friends is the level to which you feel you know someone. You can have a superficial conversation with anyone – there’s no real skill to exchanging niceties – but to know someone on a deeper level you need to put in effort.

PureTargeting allows you to take the conversation between the client and customer to a deeper level. It allows agencies to tailor the conversation around individuals by creating content that’s relevant to the customer’s behaviour, interests and purchase history and take them on an individual journey. It improves the efficiency of your campaigns by triggering automatic one-to-one emails when customers perform certain behaviours on the client’s website or fulfill specific criteria on the database.

Interactions such as these allow agencies to create entire programmes based on where the customer is on their journey with the client, allowing you to nurture relationships over time. The campaigns that can be created include anything from cart abandonment emails and recommendations for future purchases to triggering re-engagement emails that ensure customers don’t lapse.

Getting to really know someone

Client’s databases can hold a myriad of information but rarely is that data accessible. This can make life frustrating for agencies who are desperately searching for data in order to create insightful marketing campaigns.

PureIntelligence relieves this frustration by effortlessly bringing together all the client’s data in one single customer view. It allows agencies to get to grips with their client’s customers quickly and efficiently – gaining insight to create powerful segments and identify trends and patterns. As PureIntelligence easily brings together data from multiple sources it allows agencies to see how the customer is interacting with the client through their various touch-points. This unprecedented view of the client’s data allows you to create campaigns that take into account their entire brand and all of the customer’s interactions with it. It’s this kind of insight and understanding that drives deep and lasting relationships between agencies and clients.

So there you are – a choice of solutions under one platform which offers agencies the freedom, power and insight to create and develop amazing relationships with both their clients and their customers.

If you want to know how our platform can take your agency further then don’t hesitate to contact our specialist Agency Team.

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