Pure360 launches lead generation tool, GatorLeads, to customers

In November 2021 we joined the Spotler Group. Today we’re proud to start providing our customers with some of the many marketing technology solutions from the wider group.

GatorLeads is a market leading solution that helps B2B businesses track, understand and action website visitors that are most often lost.

With GatorLeads you’re able to generate leads, not just traffic. Keep your sales teams fed with qualified and nurtured leads – identify them from leads you never knew you had and get more ROI from your marketing efforts.

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Track from the first click

With only 2% of website visitors making direct contact, one of the biggest challenges marketers face is identifying and nurturing the other 98%

With IP lookup you’re now able to identify both company and person data. Finally understand both persona and company to better feed your pipeline.

Don’t wait for a form fill

Landing pages are the best way to convert leads, but only 20% will convert (if you’re one of the lucky ones!)

With Gatorleads you can now unlock that remaining 80%, providing you with the details necessary to market to them – including the email addresses of key decision makers.


Never miss a lead again

Want to know when a prospect is landing on a certain page? Or even understand the journey they’ve made through your site?

Set up alerts for your sales teams so that you get notified in real time when a lead visits a particular page. Strike whilst that prospect is 100% engaged in your business.


Learn more about your audience

Who is visiting your website? What industry are they in? Learn about the journey they take through your website.

Spot the trends – Discover new hot industries, Top pages your hot prospects visit and so much more



Send the data straight to CRM

Ensure the intelligence gained from GatorLeads becomes a business asset. GatorLeads will automatically update an existing CRM record or create a new one. Give all teams within the business access to all the data to help drive conversion through the funnel.

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Never miss a lead or sales opportunity again!

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