Pure360 Customer Intelligence

Pure360 Customer Intelligence – offering a new level of insight and targeting

We’re very excited to launch our new Customer Intelligence solution this week!

Customer Intelligence is a customer profiling and segmentation solution designed for Marketers who need to connect their customer data and send targeted, multichannel campaigns.

The solution allows Marketers to effortlessly combine customer data from multiple sources and drive highly relevant, automated campaigns across multiple channels.

Unlike other single customer view solutions, Customer Intelligence is supplied with a library of templates to enable the Marketer to easily access powerful insights, without the need for hours of data manipulation, IT assistance or Enterprise budgets.

Collate data into a single customer view

When all of your customer intelligence sits in different systems which are owned by different departments, it can be difficult to collate and use to run targeted campaigns. With Pure360 Customer Intelligence your existing systems are effortlessly brought together to consolidate demographic, behavioural and transactional data into a central hub.

Everything will be in one place, giving you complete control over your customer data without reliance on data and IT resource.

Segment your data and gain insight

The visual nature of Pure360 Customer Intelligence allows you to view your entire range of customer data you have acquired and identify important trends.

You will also have access to templated best practice customer segments to easily organise customer data into logical groups such as engagement, recency, frequency and monetary.

You will have customer segments to hand when you need them, saving hours of data manipulation.

Send highly targeted automations

With Pure360 Customer Intelligence you can easily automate campaigns and feed the results back into your central hub, enabling you to further target future campaigns.

Highly targeted campaigns become straight forward and simple. You can better understand your customers and drive improved revenues, retention and customer engagement.

Customer Intelligence is a single customer view platform that lets marketers (not just analysts and data experts) consolidate their marketing data (e.g CRM, transactional, ERP, CMS) then use out of the box templates provided inside the system to spot previously unseen customer trends and habits. They are then able to turn that intelligence into actions via automated multi-channel campaigns.

Reduce your campaign analysis time by 80%, and gain maximum customer perspective to multiply your customer conversions by an average of 25%.

Customer Intelligence is now available, find out more on our Customer Intelligence page.