Pure360 announced as a ‘High Performer’ by G2 Crowd

We’re delighted to announce that Pure360 has been ranked as a ‘High Performer’ for Email Marketing by G2 Crowd.

This is a big moment for us.

It’s the culmination of a lot of hard work, so we wanted to take a couple of minutes to reflect on why this is important to us and our customers.


What is G2 Crowd?

Think of G2 Crowd as the TripAdvisor for business technology.

While it might not be as exciting as researching your next holiday or finding your new favourite restaurant, G2 Crowd plays an integral role in helping businesses buy the right technology.

How do G2 Crowd rankings work?

G2 Crowd rankings are weighted based on reviews from real users.

These aren’t the opinions of independent analysts looking from the outside in. These reviews are from people who use our technology day in, day out.

They’re the ones executing marketing campaigns, working with our customer success teams, and reporting results back to their business.


There’s nobody better placed to give an opinion. And that’s why G2 Crowd is such an important platform.

Why is being recognised as a ‘High Performer’ important?

This is a big moment for us for many reasons. Here are some of the stand out reasons about why this is important.

1. Customer feedback helps us improve

Customer feedback is vital for us to operate as a business.

Like many of our customers, we operate in a fast-moving, constantly-shifting digital marketing landscape.

To do best by our customers and build the best-in-breed products for the future, we need to be willing to listen and quick to understand.


Customer reviews are a powerful source of insights.

They let us hear the real voice of our customers. They allow us to understand how our products add value and pinpoint areas for improvement.

2. It validates our approach

Being recognised as a ‘High Performer’ validates how we choose to work with our customers.

‘Improving results together’ is a belief that permeates through our business.


Building products that are “easy-to-use” is undoubtedly important. But we want to do more than just make our customers lives easier.

We want to make a significant impact on their marketing results and help them deliver business growth. To do this we need to stay as close as possible to the challenges and goals of each individual customer.

This is what our customer success team does every working day.

We’ve been committed to enhancing and growing this team in recent years. Today, one third of our employees work in the customer success team. That’s 68% higher that the average technology company of our size.


To see so many reviews recognise our “great customer service” validates our commitment to investing in customer success and delivering on our promises.

3. It helps us grow

Recognition from our existing customers helps us attract new customers.

And we want to grow as a business.

Growth will help us improve how we service all our customers. It allows us to gain new experiences from working with different types of businesses—each with their own unique challenges.

Growth also allows us to invest further in our product suite. We already offer best-in-breed solutions in many areas, but we’re not going to rest on our laurels.

We want to go broad; building products that help our customers operate more successfully across the digital marketing landscape.

And we also want to go deep to ensure that we’re improving and innovating in the areas that remain a priority for our customers.

A thank you

We want to finish by giving a massive thank you to everyone who has left a review. We really appreciate all the feedback we receive.

You can read the reviews on G2 Crowd here.