Perfect personalisation from Pizza Express

At Pure360 we do get a bit excited about good email marketing campaigns (it is our business after all). Whether the emails we receive are from our customers or not, we’re always interested to see clever, considered campaigns. And this is exactly what I received from Pizza Express a week before my birthday, here’s why it’s so good…

Subject line and personalisation

For starters, the subject line – so simple but so effective. My inbox is a busy place – particularly my work one, so when I saw a message appear on the 7th December saying ‘Happy Birthday Hannah,’ when my birthday is on the 13th, naturally I was intrigued to open the email. Once I had opened it here’s what was at the top.

Personalisation – My name in flour dough! It actually makes me feel a tiny bit special.

Birthday offer and trackable code

Scroll down past the picture and there’s an offer for a free bottle of Prosecco or Wine and a code, I’ll need in order to take them up on the offer.

The code means that Pizza Express can track where the order has come from and keep an eye on how their Birthday offer emails are doing in terms of conversions. I’d be really surprised if they didn’t have a fantastic open rate for these automated birthday emails but it’s important to monitor the actual take up (conversions) in order to ensure they are presenting recipients with offers that actually get them through the door.

In conclusion, top marks to Pizza Express for…

Capturing my birthday details at the point of sign up
Referring to my birthday in the subject line
Sending me an email a week before my birthday so, if I wanted to, I could book to go there on my birthday night. If they’d sent it to me on the day itself the chances are I may have booked somewhere else already
Enticing me to book a table by using a special birthday offer
Using a trackable code so if I do take them up on the offer then they’ll know it’s because of the email they sent me on my birthday!
I’m probably signed up to about ten large companies, none of which sent me a birthday email and I’m not sure why, they definitely missed an opportunity. It’s a simple, effective easy win and instantly engages recipients with the brand.