Marketing Heroes: A q&a with Dan Murray-Serter the Host of the UK’s #1 Business Podcast

We spoke with Dan Murray-Serter who is a true Marketing Hero, he’s an entrepreneur, founder and leading podcast host. Hold tight you don’t want to miss this edition of Marketing Heroes, let’s meet Dan…

Dan Murray-Serter

Please introduce yourself

I’m Dan Murray-Serter, Co-Founder of Heights and Host of Britain’s number 1 business podcast, Secret Leaders


Please tell us about your business

Heights is a brain health and cognitive performance company. We believe a healthier brain is the key to a happier life, and to that end, we make brain food – neurological nourishment by monthly subscription that we send through your letterbox and inbox. Our launch product is the ‘smart supplement’ combining 18 plant-based natural nutrients designed to fuel your brain, floating inside an Omega 3 oil patented ‘clever capsule’ that slow releases into your gut for maximum absorption to your bloodstream.

I’m delighted to say we’ve got amazing customer testimonials from Stephen Fry and founders of great companies like Shazam, Planet Organic, WeTransfer, Mumsnet, Calm and loads more – who all start their day, every day, by putting their brain first with Heights.

The proudest part is our packaging is 100% recyclable, the outer packaging is fully compostable and getting Heights every month is the same in C02 emissions as watching Netflix for 3 minutes – so next time, skip the trailer! 

What have been the main marketing challenges that you have faced in 2019?

Haha well, we launched in January 2020 – so in fairness all we did in 2019 was grow our newsletter on brain health that we send every week – “The Sunday Supplement” – we share a 3 minute run down of brain first science in plain English so people can learn a bit more about how their brain works every week.

In your opinion what technology or software is crucial for every marketing team

Oooh good question. I mean – you’ll all have phones so we can start there! My favourite app at the moment is Notion, but I guess that’s more of a wiki – so I guess trello or airtable – essentially I’m a big fan of keeping everyone on the same page, so in theory one of the products that does that well! 

What in marketing or business inspired you this year?

Hmmm I would say I’m most inspired by Oatly. The way they’ve approached their offline awareness in such a tongue in cheek way has been nothing short of genius and I’ve taken huge influence from their skill at doing this so brilliantly.

What should marketers be focussed on in 2020? 

I think brands have lost their way in terms of storytelling and positioning – everything is just direct response and funnels to drive customers down the AIDA funnel, might be why I enjoy Oatly so much, they seem to engage me with smart simple copy when everyone else is trying to ram their message down my throat! 

Who are your marketing heroes?

Good question. Naturally I love a good challenger brand, as you’ve been hearing. I think the way Squatty Potty stole the show with their viral ads was fantastic, and I know it’s so hard to make a success of ‘viral’ that they deserve a pat on the back. I’m a big fan of the Eat Big Fish agency, and if I had to pick a big brand I really respect, KFC are killing it in every possible way (and I say that as a vegetarian!). 

If you could give a tip to aspiring marketers what would that be?

You can either do something incredibly unique in the channels everyone else is playing in or something nice and simple in a channel no one else is playing in – it might well be smarter and more cost-efficient to do the latter, so don’t shy away from the less sexy stuff – results are all that matter! 

You are sent to a desert island for 12 months – You can take 3 business books, 3 records and 1 luxury item – what would you take?


  1. GRIT by Angela Duckworth (I’ll need it)
  2. Principles by Ray Dalio (I’ll need some principles to not eat the first person I see)
  3. Tools of Titans – Tim Ferris – (loads of insights here from some of the world’s best!)


  1. Best of Pink Floyd (Cos I’m struggling to pick which album)
  2. Fat Freddy’s Drop
  3. 2001

Luxury Item:

Not being difficult but I’m not really a material person (sorry marketeers). I’ll be happy with a notebook to write in. Actually, to be fair, maybe I’m being stupid – an iPad will probably enable me to not be bored AND write, and that’s luxury. Turns out I am material after all. Wow this was insightful 

We would like to thank Dan for taking the time out of his busy schedule to speak with us and be sure to check out Secret Leaders and Heights.

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