How to Increase Sign-up Form Conversion Rates

The overwhelming majority of marketers (73 percent) rate email as the number one digital channel for ROI. Email generates around £29bn retail sales annually.

Growing a healthy email list is the first step towards email marketing success. Sign-up forms are an important mechanism that marketers use to make this happen. But how can smart marketers optimise their sign-up forms to increase conversion rates?

In the post-GDPR marketing landscape obtaining consent is harder than it used to be. But the rewards of getting that all-important opt-in are higher than ever too. Consumers are more aware of which email newsletters they are signing up for. They are primed to engage with those that they do consent to.

This blog post explores twelve ways marketers can increase sign-up conversion rates. Read on to discover how to optimise your sign-up forms and see your marketing list grow.

1. Keep it above the fold

If you hide your sign-up form away in your footer, chances are your audience won’t notice it.

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Maximise conversions by keeping your sign-up form super visible, above the fold.

2. Be clear on benefits

When a visitor sees your form, they should be able to digest the benefits of signing up almost instantaneously.

Write clear, punchy copy that sells the benefits of receiving your emails at a glance.

3. Offer incentives


Sweeten the deal by offering incentives to those who sign up for your emails. For example, a free gift or a discount on their first purchase.

4. Call it something creative

Signing up for a newsletter can sound a bit boring. Instead, think of a name for your email marketing that makes it stand out.

Your newsletter name should align with your brand voice and should describe what the newsletter delivers. For example, “Front Row Seat” may work well for an online store selling tickets to events.

5. Test your call to action

Testing your call to action is essential if you want to increase conversion rates.

Don’t simply opt for “submit”. A/B test various calls to action and opt for the one that has the highest sign-up rate.

6. Use overlays

Overlay are an effective way to get your sign-up form in front of your visitors at the right time.

Overlays can be set up to appear:

  • when a visitor goes to close a browser window
  • after the visitor has scrolled to a certain depth
  • after the visitor has been on your page for a certain time

Your subscription overlays should be well-timed and easy to close. This ensures they do not detract from customer experience.

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7. Make it mobile friendly

Making your sign-up form mobile friendly is crucial. Brands that fail to design for mobile risk losing out on email sign-ups from frustrated mobile users.

8. Ask for the bare minimum

Asking for too much information on a sign-up form can overwhelm visitors and cause them to abandon the process.

Keep your sign-up forms simple. Only ask for the essential information. This only needs to be their name and email address.

9. Get creative with your copywriting

Getting creative with your copywriting will help you to grab your visitor’s attention.

Use active language that brings your brand voice to life. Your aim is to make your visitor feel connected to your brand so that they want to hear more from you.

10. Use social proof

social proof

Social proof leverages the power of popularity to persuade your visitor to sign up.

Reference how many people have already signed up for your email list. This will make visitors feel more confident in their decision to sign up too.

11. Set expectations and give reassurances

Uncertainty about what to expect can be a conversion blocker when it comes to email sign ups.

Overcome this barrier by setting expectations. Make it crystal clear what someone will receive if they sign up for your emails.

Reassure your visitor that you won’t spam them and remind them they can unsubscribe at any time.

12. Test continuously

Continual testing is essential if you want to optimise your email sign-up forms and increase conversion rates.

Things to test include the position of your sign-up from on the page, your copy, and your calls to action.


Now you’re equipped with twelve ways to increase your email sign-up form conversion rates. We hope implementing these strategies will help you to grow your email marketing list.

Don’t forget to ensure that your email sign-up forms are GDPR compliant. Here’s a handy blog post we wrote on how to create GDPR compliant sign-up forms to guide you.

Building a healthy email marketing list is the foundation of a successful email marketing strategy. Another important building block is the email marketing technology that you use. To see ours in action, book a demo via the button below.

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