Improve focus to retrieve inactive email marketing subscribers

Email marketers have been encouraged to create a more focused message to draw subscribers out of their inactivity.

Beth Negus Viveiros, managing editor of Chief Marketer, claimed that having too many points within a single email can “confuse” people, which is why it is important to stay focused.

However, while she recommended a narrow emphasis within individual messages, this should not stop advertisers from trying out new approaches to capture people’s attention with an email marketing campaign; perhaps by changing the time a message is sent or the style of subject line.

Ms Negus Viveiros said: “Try mixing it up. There may be a large percentage of your readers who are opening your emails but not bothering to turn on the images. An interesting new creative approach may get them back into the fold.”

There are all sorts of ways to improve the success-rate of an email marketing initiative, according to Business 2 Community contributor Rebekah Hanson.

As well as encouraging people to play around with the subject line and timing, Hanson suggested altering the message length. She described how readers will often have a short attention span when reading emails, so messages should normally be “short and sweet” – although she admitted that sometimes longer messages can be popular.