The importance of double opt-in and its effects on your deliverability

“If I use double opt-in won’t I lose subscribers?” is a question we often hear at Pure360.

There seems to be an illusion that using double opt-in will stop marketers from increasing their subscribers, resulting in a huge impact on their campaigns. Yes, it’s true that double opt-in will have an impact on your campaigns, however this is in a positive way; improving your deliverability and inbox placement.

Still not sure? Let’s start by taking a look at your sign up method options:


Single Opt-in

This is when a new subscriber only needs to enter an email address on your website once to sign up and opt-in. There is no need for the user to confirm their opt-in, instead the address they have entered is instantly added to your email database.

Double Opt-in

This is when a user needs to confirm their registration to your email list. When the new subscriber enters their email address they are then sent an email to confirm it is a real address and they 100% want to receive your content. Only after they have clicked the link in the confirmation email are they added to your email database.


The issue with a single opt-in is that you are much more likely to grow a database with lower engagement which could also be housing spam traps, forced and fake addresses. You are also much more likely to end up on a blacklist or have your campaigns filtered to junk. The more subscribers you have on your list that do not engage with your emails or worse, mark you as junk, the less chance you have of delivering email to the inbox.

Implementing double opt-in on your sign up process will give you much better list health since you will only be emailing people that have confirmed they want your content. This means your data will house less spam traps and dead addresses along with typo’s and false emails.

Yes, double opt-in data may mean you have less subscribers in your database, but you will have more engaged users that want to receive your emails and open and click on your content. You will also be limiting the possibility of having spam traps or hitting isp blacklists.

Remember, above all ISP’s look at engagement as a key factor when deciding to put your email in the junk or the inbox. Having double opted in data means you will have more engaged subscribers and will protecting your database from false or damaging sign ups.

If you want help setting up double opt-in on your account then please contact the Support Team who will be happy to help you put the steps in place.