How to prevent users from unsubscribing

I recently wanted to unsubscribe from Domino’s as I have become rather fond of their biggest rival Papa Johns and felt like I was cheating by receiving promotional offers from Domino’s. And let’s face it with their slogan of ‘Better ingredients, better Pizza’ and good old Papa’s life story engraved on Pizza boxes and posters, how could I not, it’s like I know the guy.

However as I arrived on the Domino’s unsubscribe page, I thought they were being very clever, which made me think twice.

Clever combination of language and images

Initially there is the usual blurb about ‘not missing out’ but there is also a great use of language here that would indicate you are leaving a family or community almost, which should make you question why you’re on this page in the first place. The title even suggests:

“Are you sure you want to leave us?”

They thank you for being part of the ‘Domino’s experience’ – Is this really something I want to opt out of in a moment of rashness just because another Pizza supplier is flashing their 12 inches at me?

Then they ask you why you want to leave, standard. Some good tick options there to help them gather some data and improve customer service.

But there is an extra box below that asks: ‘If there was one thing that would make you stay what would it be?’ Now I quite like that and it’s a good way for Domino’s to offer you something exclusive and trying everything not to lose you. This makes them appear like they care (even though they are a multi million global franchise business, and losing me would probably not matter but here they are offering me an ‘olive’ branch).

There’s probably some element of abuse here i.e. I can foresee some ‘clever’ responses, for example, a Ferrari or a holiday in the Maldives but still worth a go right? After all they may throw in some free Chicken Kickers on a regular basis?

Finally, have you picked out the subliminal Derren Brown images? Now I would assume the majority of people unsubscribe as they see pizza as fattening and unhealthy, so they want to stop getting tempted. The images on the right are all healthy, detox power foods i.e. chillies, pineapples and tomatoes!

Therefore in theory, with friendly community based language, a nice personal open question about you and subliminal healthy food images, doesn’t it make it a little harder to unsubscribe?