Hey it’s ok if… one for the people behind the marketing title

I’d like to admit to being an avid reader of The Guardian or Financial Times, however I do enjoy my monthly installment of Glamour. And an article they do each month is one that reassures us for being normal. So I’m going to give them a nod and produce the marketers’ version for your reading pleasure.

Because we’re all just human at the end of the day!

Hey it’s ok if…

  • You had biscuits for breakfast again because you just couldn’t get out of bed this morning
  • You don’t take your jacket/jumper off because you didn’t iron your shirt today
  • You forwarded your phone to voicemail after getting bored of calls trying to sell you advertising campaigns
  • You signed up for loads of industry newsletters and then never read them after a month
  • You changed your colleague’s computer settings to another language when they didn’t lock their computer
  • You promised to do the tea round on Monday and it’s now Thursday and you seemed to have gotten out of it again
  • You haven’t washed your mug since two days ago, as it hasn’t affected the taste of your coffee yet